XCOM Also Coming To PS3

2K Australia has today announced that its upcoming reboot of XCOM is launching for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. When the game made its first public appearance last year, it had been touted as a Microsoft exclusive, though 2K is now hoping the multi-platform focus will broaden XCOM’s audience. A estimated launch date has also been pinned down for March 2012 across all formats.


Source: VG247


  1. I had the original on PS1, used to play it with the Playstation Mouse (absolute rip off). Brilliant game though.

  2. That’s great news, made my day. Really enjoyed the XCom series in the past, between that and Championship Manager, they collectively ruined my high school coursework efforts. Totally worth it.

    • We shared addictions, I was a lowly year 8 when I got addicted to X-Com and Champ Manager.

      • Yeah, so maybe my History coursework was lacking… but look! Middlesbrough, Champions League Winners 1999! So proud.

  3. Wow! never heard of this and loving the art style. may have to check this out on release.

  4. “Microsoft exclusive” Is there such a thing anymore? :D

    • Not really that much. It’s their fault for not having many 1st party studios.

  5. I played the original X-Com way back when it was called “UFO: Enemy Unknown” and its follow up “X-Com:Terror From The Deep” on the PC back in the mid-nineties and was totally hooked for a while but never played any of the subsequent versions.

    Back then it was an isometric view turn based strategy game. I’m certainly curious about this latest title but in a world flooded with FPS games I’m worried it will lose much of it’s retro charm. Back then the aliens were little grey/green men with bulbous heads and cheesy ray guns a la CoD zombies.

    I just realized that “Way back” and “Back then” was only 15 years ago. It’s funny how 15 years in video game terms seems like 50 years because things have sprung forward in such leaps and bounds.

    • I played the UFO Enemy Unknown game on Amiga but the disk-swapping nearly killed me! :) Loved the background info for the aliens and tech and was reminded of it when i played ME2.

  6. To someone unfamiliar with the game, the design makes it look like a blend of hitech and dated, so it’s hard to decide if I’m excited or not… Hoping for a demo, then.

  7. The first X-Com game is my favorite game of all time.
    Too bad the series ended up going down the FPS road, even if it doesn’t seem to be mainstream fps. There’s still some glimmer of hope left.
    When i heard the new X-Com was going to be an FPS i died a little inside. It’s the same feeling i got then Microsoft bought Rare and the new Perfect Dark was not coming to a Nintendo console.

  8. Right, two franchises I liked being torn from what they were into something more…’modern’.
    Front Mission went to a third person mech battler and now Xcom is an FPS? What the hell is wrong with developers lately? I liked Front Mission BECAUSE it was a TBS, why would you change that?

  9. first shadowrun gets turned into an fps, then front mission gets turned into a tps, now xcom is turned into an fps.

    is imagination really that dead in gaming?

    bring back the old xcom, base building, researching, recovering alien tech with turn based gameplay intact.

    i don’t really consider this an xcom game, this is just an fps set in the xcom universe.

    • i hope they keep it turn based. valkyria chronicles worked well with it?

  10. Niiiice.

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