Twisted Metal ‘Revenge’ Trailer

I’m beginning to spot a running theme with upcoming Sony releases. First Starhawk surprises us with robots in disguise and now Twisted Metal joins in the transforming fun with ‘Sweetbot’.

The trailer also features a giant mech called ‘Iron Maiden’ – talking of which you may want to turn the volume down as the trailer features some seriously noisy thrash metal.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks…ok?

    • Looks like an indie game got FAR too much funding!

      • It’s not an indie game, but it was meant to be a downloadable title. Sony like it so much they asked for it to be upgraded to a full retail title.

      • Yeah, but, it LOOKS like it is!

  2. Struggling to feel excited about this. I admit I’ve never played a twisted metal game before, but this kind of just looks like a structureless Carmeggedon. Giant robots shooting trucks, that look like clowns?

  3. That is NOT thrash metal, if anything its metal/hard rock with electronic elements.

    I really don’t get what this game is about, graphics look good though.

    • Well it’s a noisy bollocks whatever it is :)

    • It is…. but it isn’t in the same league of White Wizzard OR GAMA BOMB.

      Thats like a pop drained genre of Metal….. is what Metallica are in and many unbearable acts from Roadrunner records

      • Lol what?

        Metallica was thrash until The Black Album. Roadrunner eh? I can only think of Slipknot from them.

        Metal isn’t noisy bollocks :O

      • lol yeah I kid

  4. I know it’s an old game, but it still feels like an old game.

  5. Shut up and bleed you motherf-

    :D Must buy

  6. the game looks mental will be on buy list.

  7. Loving the flaming-headed clown at the start, other than that it’s a big fat meh from me!

  8. Its not really showing the gameplay much…. lol ok it looks meh, its a miss but its not. The previous game have been exciting I can see this truly shining with multiplayer AND hopefully local play.

  9. Its yet another PS3 exclusive so cool :P

    • Amen to that. Looks pretty crazy from that trailer. Cars mixed with emements of a bad dream (Clowns with guns lol). Interested to see more though which is a good thing.

  10. Looks cool…

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