Eight Minutes Of Rage Gameplay

Whilst not quite up to the lengthy standards of the recent twenty-minute Dead Island footage, this substantial drop of Rage gameplay is looking pretty nice.

The footage sees the player heading down into ‘The Well’, which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, full of mutants that need a good shooting. There’s a bit of outdoors footage in there too, showing off some very nice lighting effects.


Oh, and I’m loving that electric bolt-firing gun – together with the underground scenery it all kind of reminds me of Borderlands (that’s definitely a good thing).

Source: CVG



  1. i bet that’s the pc version, and a pretty high end pc at that.

    i like that control then explode bolt, that could be loads of fun. >:)

    • Yep, it’s PC you can tell from the keyboard prompts, but remember that on consoles RAGE runs at native 720p and a slick 60fps!

    • I can’t believe how BAD it looks considering this is PC. Seriously the textures are shockingly low res (look at the controls and gauges and background when he is talking to “Carlson” about 1:55 in) and some of the effects are years behind (steam looks like 2d sprites, not volumetric, water splashing on the ground or out of pipes look like 2d transparencies). Character lip sync is average at best, and I hate how people just talk to you as you walk past – wtf? Anti-aliasing is rubbish (that could just be a setting, but why release a promo with such poor aliasing???).

      The environments do looks pretty cool though and definitely gritty enough to be an iD game, though the lack of any kind of destruction of deformation is a little disappointing in this day and age. Gameplay looks fun enough and the weapons look very interesting.

      I guess I’ve grown up with iD games setting a new graphic engine benchmarks each time they were released, whereas Rage just looks – flat.

  2. Love the little Quake and Doom refrence..lol

  3. Looks great. I love the way enemies dodge/react.

  4. Looks really good and nice to see actual gameplay footage. As hazelam said though, bet it is PC footage.
    I will be getting this though.

  5. That’s a VERY nice looking game. The character animations are amazing.

  6. I’m considering getting this for my PC. I agree that this looks a lot like Borderlands and that is why I’m so interested in the game.

  7. Lip sync and animation looks pretty shoddy when talking to NPCs. Action looks great though so i’m still interested.

    • agreed, rubber lipped npcs is a bit odd, everything else looks good though, quite like the western sci-fi vibe

  8. Looks good, but I’m entirely bored of the apocalypse + mutants now..

  9. Rage looks amazing, love the animations on the mutants.

  10. I have to say, i’m mightily impressed with this. Definitely gonna be a must buy for me.

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