Hackers Target Nintendo

As many of you reminded us during the Sony hack news and subsequent PSN down-time, hacking can happen to anyone that has a server connected to the net. It appears Nintendo were also recently the victims of a hacking attempt, although the damage seems to have already been contained and failed to reach the scale of the Sony attacks.

It was actually Nintendo themselves that broke the news on this, but more information surfaced as the days passed. Here’s what Nintendo spokesperson, Ken Toyod, had to say.


“There were no third-party victims. But it is a fact there was some kind of possible hacking attack. We are always working to make sure our systems are secure.”

The same hacking group that supposedly hacked in to a couple of Sony’s websites last week are the ones claiming responsibility. The group (called ‘Lulzsec’) posted on their website what looks to be a “Nintendo config file.”

Ironically enough, the group came out on Twitter shortly after the news broke and clarified that their intentions are not to hurt Nintendo, and that the big N has apparently already resolved the intrusion.

Source: Game Informer




  1. Knobs.

  2. Lousy hackers… get a life…

  3. I was expecting read an article along the lines of “Hackers took down Nintendo’s online services. No-one noticed” ;)

  4. and what have nintendo done to warrant the attention of these self claimed people’s heroes then?

    but they probably don’t intend to hurt nintendo, they intend to stroke their e-peen, hurting nintendo, or anybody else, is just a byproduct of that action.

    they keep this up though and they will be found and then they’ll find themselves virtually castrated.

    • Who understands crazy people other than maybe other crazies they live in their own little worlds

  5. First Sony, then Nintendo? Hmmmm…. I’m sure I read somewhere before that MS hire hackers to test their systems, what if they were hired for more than that?! Dunn Dunn Duuuurrrrrrrr….. ahem

  6. Either that, or they go after Microsoft next, if they keep this up, they will eventually pee the wrong person off and find their own systems riddled.

    I’d love to see one of these idiots back hacked and the company in question to post their details on the net.

  7. Very sad indeed.

  8. Matt, the point that the same group allegedly attacked both Sony and Nintendo is not irony, more of a coincidence.

    • Oops! That was supposed to be the start of the next paragraph.

  9. So Nintendo know where the security ‘on’ switch is then?

    • Or maybe there wasn’t any personal information to steal. Zing!

      In the words of Stewart Gilligan Griffin: “Oh that’s right… I went there.”

  10. What a bunch of f**king heroes they are, sneaking in when nobody’s looking and riddling through the laundry basket for soiled knickers.

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