Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Announced

EA have just announced Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning at their E3 conference. The game, whilst not much is known about it yet, is a fantasy action RPG. It’s looking a lot like Fable, right down to the bright, vivid colour palette.

The trailer showed off some nice, fun looking fighting with swords and war hammers and other such melee weapons. It looked good, now all we need is more information.



  1. Hummmmm. Colour me fairly interested….

    • would they be bright vivid colours I could colour you with

  2. Actually, its been announced for ages now.

  3. Definitely interested. It’s got one of the lead designers from the TES series working on it I think.

  4. Loved Fable 2, and would love a similar PS3 game!

  5. i like the sound of this, if they can get a similar feel to fable, they could be onto a winner, especially with what ms are doing to fable.

  6. There’s pretty much known about this game. They held a presentation on PAX, for about one hour. And indeed, lead designer of TES, the drawer/creator from Spawn and the Fantasy/sci-fi writer R.A. Salvatore, Best known for it’s Forgotten Realms novels. Yes, I have my hopes very high for this one.

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