Magicka PvP Launch Date Set

Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have today announced that their eagerly-anticipated player vs. player update for Magicka will launch on June 21st. Available for the sweet price of nothing, the expansion will include three mutliplayer modes as well as a number of maps and outfits. Additional levels and robes will also be made available via the Final Frontier Map Pack (price yet to be announced) which will launch simultaneously.


The three modes available will include Classic Deathmatch, Brawl Mode, Kreitor Mode. The first is self-explanatory, pitting four mages against one another, whereas Brawl allows players to buddy up, though they will share from the same pool of lives. Kreitor Mode, named after on of Magicka’s community modders, acts as a variant to the existing Deathmatch mode, constantly switch the Magicks (spells) available to mages, hence calling for more tactical play.

Source: Press Release




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