MGS And ZoE Collections Going Downloadable

One detail not revealed when the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD Collections were announced the other day was that they won’t just be available on disk, but from the Store and Marketplace too.


Hot on the heels of the Prince of Persia and God of War packages, which both received individual HD releases on the PSN, you’ll be able to grab MGS2, 3, Peace Walker, and the ZoE games at your pleasure, rather than having them all-so-inconveniently packaged together.

The MGS HD Collection will be out at the end of the year, with the ZoE collection following in 2012.

Source: Konami (via Jostiq)



  1. I’ll still buy the disc though, I’m bound to be able to get it cheaper on disk than it will be on offer on the PSN store, plus in the event that I may want to sell it on I could do with a disc.
    It still amazes me how much is being charged for some of the big titles on the PSN store, when they can easily be purchased for 50% less on disc elsewhere

    • +1 to this. Noticed that Assassin’s Creed 2 is £23.99 on the store. I picked it up for £9.99 about 4 months ago. Crazy how they price the retail games on PSN.

      • I’ve come to the realisation over the last couple months that they’re not pricing them for the UK, but for mainland europe, who we share a store with. We’re a special case, and get heavily discounted games, whilst europe sees games sold closer to RRP for much longer.

    • Plus downloaded games take up valuable space on your hard drive – I just had to upgrade from 200gb to 500gb :)

  2. Disc for me too! I still regret buying GoW 1&2 HD from the store for £23 when it’s about ten pounds on disc. Years ago they used to tell people that it was the packaging that made cds, dvd etc. so expensive. BS.

    • they like to blame the publisher when the store price is higher, but those titles were sony published.

  3. No original MGS? Too much effort to drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century? Will have to stick to my copy of Twin Snakes on the Gamecube, unless Kojima has something else up his sleave….

    • Apparently the game will come with a code so you can download the original PS1 title from the store.

  4. one thing i noticed about the ZOE collection from that konami video was that it will apparently be transfar enabled, which would mean there’s a portable version, as far as i know there’s never been a portable ZOE on psp, though there was a ds game.
    that could mean there will be a psp or ngp version of either or both the ps2 games.

    • If the version that you can buy on the store is NGP compatible that would be really cool. That would also justify the higher price.

  5. I will still buy the disc version it’s better all on one disc. Is it true that MGS 2 won’t be the Substance version???

  6. typical just bought all these on ps2 was thinking of getting peace walker as well, may well just get this now instead might as well have 3 versions of metal gear 2 and 3

  7. I bet that all of them are coming to the Vita, that would be so much better

  8. I wholeheartedly approve of the HD collections of previous gen titles, more games for less. I will get the PoP one next payday -I only ever played the sands of time, and even then a mate of mine wiped the Gamecube memory card at about 90% completion in a moment of extreme cack handeness. I’m guessing the Substance and Subsistance editions of MGS 2&3 will be DLC – a lot would buy them I’m thinking.

    • Making the special edition content dlc is a really good idea, that way us who want it can have it and the unknowing masses don’t have to pay for it (as they would if it was on the disc/download).

  9. Would love to get my hands on mgs3 hd, by far my fav.

  10. Zoe too, awesome! I will be keeping my originals though. But im in :-D

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