Minecraft Hits Xbox 360 and Kinect – Exclusively

Microsoft have just announced at their conference that Minecraft, that wonderful indie game from Mojang that now dominates my whole life, will be coming to Xbox 360 and Kinect exclusively.

There’s no more information, though. We don’t know how Kinect will be used, whether or not it’ll be optional or anything else, really. I’m betting it’s downloadable though – you heard it speculated here first.



  1. coolio. Watching the conference now.

  2. Shame it’s not coming to PS3, I’ve never played Minecraft, but it sounds interesting. Hopefully it’s only a timed exclusive deal, is that a possibility?

  3. Damn, this is now one of the exclusives on the 360 I wish I had for the PS3.

    • Did you know? that it is on the pc

      • and I reckon you don’t need a high end one to run it.

      • lol not high end is a huge understatement. It works fine on the laptop my little bro inherited from me – about 5 years old now.

        You could probably run it on most toasters.

  4. Xperia play got an exclusive of minecraft, as has the xbox now… could it be possible that Sony will be announcing the Ps3 is having an exclusive version of minecraft? with the move!?
    Please God let it be true!

    • That would be awesome :)

      If it doesn’t happen I will be forced to send Notch some hate-mail, demanding he get it release on PS3. ;)

  5. I think this is the highlight of their conference. I was quite hoping it was coming to PS3 after the Xperia Play news, but PC will always be the lead platform for the game.

  6. This is a pity. Oh well, maybe I’ll get the PC version, it should run on my notebook.

  7. Very annoying…. looks like I’ll be sticking with the pc version for my ulimate minecraft experience… unless I get a phone?

  8. Actually, i’m now thinking it’s a good thing it’s not coming to PS3. I’ve heard it’s highly addictive and being able to access it from the comfort of your couch would be far too much temptation for me.. :)

  9. Shame this isn’t coming to ps3. But then again, i’m not very good at minecraft haha. Also, I tend to only play it in short bursts, so having it on my lappy is fine.

  10. Ah, little gamble used…

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