NfS: The Run Has On-Foot Sections

Bored of being stuck in exotic sports cars in Need for Speed? Wish you could just get out and press triangle to do jumpy things then square to do punchy things?

Then look no further than the next instalment in the Need For Speed franchise. The Run, shown at EA’s conference features sections in which the player will be thrown out of the car and on to two feet. It’s not GTA or Driver style running about though; instead you’re confined to quick time events, similar to the sections in Heavy Rain.


I was quite disappointed, as it seems to be a feature thrown in that simply breaks up the exciting racing – it could be a good way of adding more story in to the franchise, but do we really need that?

At least they’re doing something different.



  1. I’m watching it live and it had a wiff of GTA about it :P still…… i cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Im a little bit excited.

  3. ???

    • exactly, don’t see the point of it.

      • Agreed. NFS is a racing game so leave it at just cars.

      • Next thing we know you’ll have to pick your person’s trainers instead of the car.

  4. When I was watching it it looked absolutely awful to be honest.

    It seemed to just be cut-scenes with the odd Quick Time Event. Those are never fun

  5. Looked like everything that was baaaad about Heavy Rain, tacked on to a reasonable racer

  6. I don’t like the sound of this at all.

  7. What the feck have EA been smoking?
    Sounds like a bad idea on their part……..a very bad idea.

  8. Oh, I thought it looked good!

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