WeView Verdict: Uncharted 2

Just because it’s E3 doesn’t mean we get to skip over your verdict on Uncharted 2. Sure, we’ll all be waiting to see what Sony shows of Drake’s next adventure at their press conference, but for now let’s focus on his escapade from 2009. I did suspect that there wasn’t going to be much dissent on this one and, although there were a few of you who weren’t absolutely enamoured with the game, it was a pretty positive response.

So with that positivity in mind, lets start with some very high praise from Hobbes130. It seems he absolutely adored the game, giving it quite an accolade.

Simply the best game I have ever played on any console/computer/handheld, and I’m talking as an elder who was there at the start in the eighties. This game for me, more than any other, blends the line between ‘game’ and ‘entertainment experience’. On my first playthrough, my wife would be sitting in the corner on the Mac, back to the screen but repeatedly turning around, intrigued by the dialogue and story. She ended up (a non-gamer by her own admission) wanting to play it, and when about half way through the going got too tough for her, making me complete the game for her, watching along because she HAD to know what happended next, how it ended.

Best game he’s ever played? Well it really doesn’t get much better than that, does it? I’m not sure if you can give it any stronger of a complement than that, but cam_manutd certainly comes close in their discussion of gaming icons.

So back to icons then and along with each era has its icon we also have icons for each platform. Cloud from FF7 for PS1? Possibly considering it was the finest game of that era. Leon Kennedy from RE4 for PS2? Again very possible as RE4 is widely seen as one of the greatest games of all time. PS3? Sackboy? Nathan Hale? Cole from InFamous? Nariko form Heavenly Sword? Sev and Rico? No…icons in the playstation era’s have been a common occurence but what we have here from the Uncharted series is possibly the most relatable character in gaming and one that you would expect make a quick appearance on the big screen in years to come. Nathan Drake. The half tucked shirt, the everyday man look, it really is borderline realism on character animation and one of the many things that makes Uncharted 2 probably the best game in this generation of games.

Of course, Uncharted 2 isn’t entirely without fault. Whilst it may be getting some of the biggest complements I’ve seen in WeView so far, they aren’t entirely universal. Whilst matthangzhou didn’t absolutely hate it, they didn’t exactly give it a heaping of love either.

Fantastic graphics and solid voice work don’t make a great game in my book. I think there must be something wrong with me but I simply don’t “get it” when it comes to Uncharted 2. I enjoyed the game for the most part except for the repetition of the train scene which I didn’t enjoy the first time round and some of the obvious puzzles. It is a solid game, and much better than most but I don’t feel it is deserving of such high praise. The plot is cliched and Nathan Drake is a forgettable stereotype. I didn’t play much of the multi-player but it was distinctly average.

Finally, to my favourite comment of the week. This came from haz360 who gave an utterly fantastic description of how strongly they connected with the game.

My vision is blurry. Blood stains my shirt. Cold air whips at my face. Suddenly, I’m falling. Reaching out, I grasp at the nearest thing I can find, holding on as tightly as I can despite the pain throbbing in my side. I compose myself and finally, I look down. Snow circles my feet, and below them, an endless descent into nothingness. I am against impossible odds. I am in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I am Nathan Drake.

This is how I felt the first time I played Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The sense of awe and wonderment around every corner, from the literally cliffhanging opening sequence, through the war-torn streets of Nepal, to the thrilling climax in a long lost jungle utopia, every moment of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves instills a feeling of danger and adventure, all on an increasingly epic scale.

So, to the verdict. This week, thirteen of you cast your vote. Of those, one of you cast a vote for Rent It and one for Avoid It, leaving eleven to vote for Buy It. I don’t think that’s the strongest verdict we’ve ever had, but it’s still a pretty convincing verdict. Remember, we’ll be back tomorrow with another game for you to cast your eye over.



  1. This one somehow slipped under my radar, the weview that is, not the game. Good work guys and 11 out of 13 buy its is impressive.

  2. Awesome game. Best game Ive ever played too. Characters you actually care about and are interested in.

  3. Climbing the train had me giggling hystericly, not because it was funny but because i was giddy from the momentum of panic and catching my breath! :)

    • Same here. You just knew it was going to be awesome all of the way through from the opening carriage scenes/climb.

      • I don’t know if this is my favorite game of all time (It’s up there. Top Five), but I agree about the train sequence. It is the single greatest tutorial in any game. It’s the only tutorial I’ve ever played where there’s actual tension and narrative exposition. It had me grinning like an idiot both times around.

  4. Brilliant game and some great reviews. Glad you liked mine :)

  5. Games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider are my favourite genre by far.

    Uncharted 2 is one of the few games I’d give 10/10.

  6. Best game I have ever played, like one reviewer said. It even got my wife telling me to play so she could watch????? What the heck, and she doesn’t even like computer games or films really. Fantastic game this.

    • Three non-gamer friends watched me play this for an hour. I then paused it and said “so, what shall we do?” and they replied with a uniform “more of that, please” so it turned into four hours.

      Staggeringly entertaining game… even for spectators.

      • haha, classic

      • same here but for me it was my mum! she was watching me play and kept commenting on the story, and was like this is fun, must have been watching for an hour or two :L she usually hates video games, btw im 17 so im not a full grown adult still living with my mum :L

  7. This is definately one of he best games I have ever played. Can’t wait for the third installment.

  8. I find it hard picking a definitive “best game” I’ve played, but this is definitely on the short list. Stunning.

  9. Superb game. Superb.

  10. Damn i should of used that starting paragraph of haz360’s in a english essay. I had a review ready for this just completely forgot to send it in. This is the best game i’ve played this gen without a doubt. In fact probably the best game i’ve ever played.

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