EA Loves PS3

Jack Tretton has just announced a number of PS3-exclusive bonuses for various EA games. First up, SSX on the PS3 will get an exclusive track in the form of Mount Fuji. The track will have 10 drop points and is reproduced from NASA satellite imagery.

Next up, Need for Speed: The Run will get 7 extra cars exclusively for PS3, including the Bugatti Veyron. Most prominently and perhaps hugely, EA will be taking advantage of the extra space on the blu-ray by putting a copy of Battlefield 1943 on the disk with Battlefield 3.


So it seems EA can’t stop staring into Sony’s deep, blue eyes. That’s good for us PS3 gamers, though.



  1. Yay!

  2. Sounds great! I like getting exclusive things after being abused all these years with sub-par ports of multi-platform games and (if only for a limited time) missing out on exclusive content

  3. Seeing as Sony is Japanese I don’t think it would have blue eyes? And again great news that we get 1943 free with B3!

  4. EA likes the look of sony’s skirt.

  5. so much for the PS3 loosing support before the slim.things have turned round and looking good.thanks for the blu ray.

  6. I guess EA were impressed with Tretton’s tie.

  7. I like this. Mostly I just like the free copy of Battlefield 1943 I will be getting, good job Sony :)

  8. Get in!

  9. Brilliant

  10. It seems the relationship between Sony and EA could be compared to MS and Acti. I hope EA keeps this up. Begone crappy ports,hello decent ports. I am suprised that BF1943 will be on the disc of BF3. I would have thought exculsive DLC. I going to bet that the online pass will lock BF1943 out if the game is brought second hand.:(

    • Yes the PS3 footage in the Battlefield 3 trailer looked good for the few seconds we saw of it.

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