New Wii Announced – Called the Wii U

No, we’re not kidding. Reggie Fils-Aime just announced the successor to the Wii that everyone already knew about and it turns out it’s called the Wii U. The other rumours were correct too – it’s got a ‘controller’ with a 6.2 inch touchscreen, dual analogues, Wii remote compatibility, shoulder buttons, rumble, microphone, player-facing camera, gyroscope.


It only does everything.

[drop]The demo shown was very, very impressive. The controller can be used as a second screen with touch input for a wealth of uses, some of the most impressive being a web browser where the full page is shown on the TV and the controller is held up to the screen to zoom in on the area you point the IR on the back at.

It was also used in golf, put on the floor to see the ball on its screen, using the Wii remote as a golf club, it was used for Video Chat, a sketchpad (that can also show the full image on the TV).

It’s a new console, with HD, and the controller is a wireless screen. And you can use your Wii remotes too. It’s all very confusing right now, it seems the console part is just a console and the bit they are (and, by extension, we should be) focusing on is the controller and its swiss army knife-type functionality.

All we need now is some kind of official press release to clarify just exactly why we’re all so damn excited.

Third party support is strong, with sames shown so far including Battlefield 3, Darksiders II, Tekken, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro: Last Light, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, The Sims and Army of Two. It’s not clear whether they were shown using Wii U visuals.

John Riccitello of EA also took to the stage to reiterate how enthusiastic that company is about the new hardware.



  1. Looks like another gimmick, ho hum.

    • At least the Wii was a cheap gimmick – can’t see that happening this time.

  2. Controller looks mighty uncomfortable to use compared to a dualshock / 360 pad. It looks like a current gen machine, ninty are finally joining in. I will need to see a whole lot more.

  3. Now, I’m no Arnold Schwartznegger so unless that thing weighs the same as a Sixaxis controller I’m gonna to be pretty knackered after 20 mins of gaming.

  4. Do you think they based the console design on the 360?

  5. This is a big disappointment for me, not that I expected anything different from Nintendo. This console from what they’ve shown seems to be the Dreamcast of this decade, without the love and true innovation, because:

    1) Graphics that compare with current generation consoles – this console will be outdated soon by Sony and Microsoft, putting it at a disadvantage like the Wii was already at release.

    2) Poor controller design – No true analog sticks, just sliders, looks generic and uninspired, if the touch screen is resistive, which it appears to be by using that kind of stylus, it will be inaccurate and wont wear well, no gestures due to one touch input only.

    3) Poor Software Design – Although nothing has been seen, past the Gamecube they sucked at software design both aesthetically and in features. Nothing really improved with the 3DS, so it suggests they wont do much differently with the WiiU.

    If they wanted this to be a true revolution, they would have developed this until it was ready to be released. The fact that they had to fake demos shows that they are rushing this announcement for the sake of having it first, and despite the good gameplay opportunities the controller already allows for, it’s software and hardware design will quickly hinder that at this point, like with the Wii and 3DS, making it a gimmick.

    • I agree with you, imagine Wii U controller would fall on the floor and BAM! It’s broken instantly and touchscreen turns black. Sony and Microsoft are developing new hardwares and they will surpass it…so why release Wii U, Nintendo?

  6. This could be really good, though the controller is hideous!

  7. Pad looks cool but will annoy quickly.

  8. Havent owned a Nintendo console since the SNES (not counting handhelds) , sounds interesting but i need a lot of convincing that it just wont be same old same old ie – Mario Kart , Super Mario, Smash Bros , Golden Eye , Zelda , Metroid , Megaman etc etc (yawn) all great games 20 years ago . Id love some new title to get me interested .

  9. Doctor Who has been predicting the existence of this for years. Just listen to the theme tune…

  10. Don’t think existing Wii owners will switch over to this.

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