Dark Souls E3 Trailer And Screens

New screens for Dark Souls and an E3 Trailer have arrived. The game is scheduled for an October release and promises over 60 hours of game play and 100 monsters.

It also promises it has never been bedded by Ryan Giggs, a somewhat unique claim these days.

Source: YouTube / Press Release



  1. Looking forward to this more and more as information trickles out.

  2. No game had me firmly in it’s grasp to buy the sequel than Demon’s Souls did. I would traverse hot coals, swim oceans and climb mountains to play this.

  3. I’m dead, I’m not playing it now

  4. Get passed the dungeon bit in the trailer and suddenly “wow”. Very nicely designed creatures. Supremely believable architecture and scenery. I’m now looking at the former title to see if I’d like it.

    Cheers, tc. :-)

  5. After seeing all of these trailers I’ve gone back to Demon’s Souls for a ‘casual’ run through again. Love it.

  6. Liking it. I still need to finish Demon’s Souls though.

    At the minute the process for me is trudge through most of the level (mostly ‘easy’), enter boss fight, die within seconds. Rinse and repeat.

  7. Finishing Demon’s Souls made me feel hardcore. Looks like finishing this will make me even harder core.

  8. Very proud of my demon;s souls plat, cannot wait to paly this game, looks great, bit more fluid by the looks of the movement in the trailer which is a good improvement, and those huge monsters looks like they are going to be a SOAB to kill

    • You, sir, have my respect.

    • and my axe.

    • And my bow.

    • You carry the fate of us all, Origami Killer. If this is indeed the will of the Council, then TSA will see it done.

      • Mr. Origami Killer’s not going anywhere without me!

  9. Need first game. How hard is first game…..really?

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