Skyrim Gets Some New Screens

Some new screens for Skyrim have been released, showing dragons, mammoths and…a horse! This game just reeks of awesomeness, which makes the wait until November truly miserable.

Source: Press Release



  1. Why don’t more games have mammoths?

    Skyrim is looking good :)

  2. Why does the game title sound rude to me?

    • lmao! :))))

      • lol. Sounds like something that would occur on a jet2 vehicle ha

  3. not going to lie… but i have a boner!

    • Mammoths and snow turn you on ? o.O

  4. No! meeeh Dragon! *plays Metal singing about dragons

    Getting for the pc hopefully

  5. Looks great! Aquastyle has got me interested in this, but it comes out the same day as MW3, so I doubt I’ll be getting it til at least a few months after release.

  6. Can’t wait for this, put about 100 hours into Obolivion back on the 360.

    • Todd Howard said we can expect to get 300 hours (:O) out of Skyrim.

  7. “Look at the muscles on you.”

  8. looking good but seriously how has no one noticed the guy in picture 7?

    • Which guy?

    • Yea which guy rht992?

      • he means the guy that assassinates… guy closest to the “camera” =)
        well i think its beacuse he hasn’t done it yet… there will be hell when the deed is done… =)

    • what the mad junky said (i don’t get to say that often)

  9. OMG looks epic!!!!
    Day one Buy!!!

  10. Im not sure if anything similar has been put up on the Sixthaxis but if your as excited as i am by Skyrim then you want to check this video out

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