Sony Video Shows Hustle Kings With CrossPlay

Sony has posted up a new sizzler reel for the PlayStation Vita, titled ‘A Social Gaming Revolution’ and showing off how LiveArea UI features like Alerts, CrossPlay, Near and more will combine to make Vita the most social console yet.

There’s plenty of shots of that new UI, but hidden away in the trailer though are two little secrets. Firstly, at around 1m12s during the CrossPlay segment, Hustle Kings can clearly be seen on both the Vita and PS3, suggesting that game will have cross-platform multiplayer in the same way as WipEout 2048.

Also, around 0m44s in to the video, you can get a bit of a glimpse of some gameplay footage from the as yet untitled Resistance game for Vita, both single- and multi-player. Obviously, we already knew it was coming, having been featured in the original NGP announcement reel, but along with Killzone Vita, we’ve not seen anything since – good to see it’s still on the way, if a little further out.

Source: Joystiq’s Viddler


  1. I remember hearing that Vita will feature Cross Game Chat, but at 1:17 its the first time I’ve heard about party chat

    • Wonder if it launches you collectively straight into multi-player lobbies like Xbox Live… If so surely that has to come to PS3 too, which for me is the killer app as I think Live’s party features are more important than CGC on its own

      • I would think the entire network architecture has been set up for this from the start on Vita, as they appear to really be struggling to retroactively enable it on PS3.

    • That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the video. Party chat across ps3 / vita would be great :)

  2. The PSVITA looks sooo awesome!
    I don’t see why the US should get it first….Europe and Japan should be first.

  3. Resistance looks great.
    Can’t wait for my Vita! :)

  4. PS Vita has impressed me so far, great hardware, but, just as important, loads of great games.

  5. Awesome viseo. Wish i lived in a little bigger city :( the near feutere won’t work that great here……

    • or on a Little Bigger Planet. Aww… it’ll be okay. :-p

  6. That Resistance looks familiar…like the other Resistance title on PSP. Maybe it’s not a new game but rather the previous game running on Vita?

    • The graphics look a bit better than that.
      Mind you, Resistance Retribution was one of, if not the best looking game on PSP.

  7. It would be so awesome if they could remake Final Fantasy 7 just for the Vita.
    That would be so damn cool.

    • Plus if they did that and the game somehow failed, they could always blame it on the fact that it is a handheld or something haha.

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