Wii U’s Disks Are 25GB

We now know that the Wii U’s proprietary optical disks will store up to 25GB of data. Speaking to Kotaku, one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi revealed that little snippet of information.  Though asked he did not comment on the size of the Wii U’s internal flash memory.

You are probably well aware that the Blu-ray disks that the PS3 uses store up to the same 25GB in their single layer versions, though up to 50GB when dual-layer disks are used.  It strongly appears that Nintendo are aiming to at least achieve parity with the key strengths of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


To make it easy for third party developers to support their new console Nintendo will need to make porting to and developing on it as easy as they can.  The impressive list of software titles already revealed to be heading its way at least suggests that the studios think Nintendo might have succeeded in that goal.

Without a HDD though that 25GB disk will need to be spinning in a drive that provided a better data transfer rate than the Blu-ray drive in Sony’s PS3 can manage as HDD installs are obviously out of the question.

What if, HDD aside, the Wii U does manage to match the key strengths of the 360 and PS3 while using their experience and the Wii U’s later arrival to market to avoid some of the things that have proved to be handicaps?  A console at least as good as either of the others for gaming (forget about media support, Nintendo aren’t interested) with a new innovative controller.  Are Nintendo already defining the next generation?



  1. The Wii wasn’t for me but I could easily respect it’s merits. However, the Wii U simply looks like prototype hardware that’s accidentally made it’s way out of the R&D department and into the media spotlight. I didn’t think they could distance themselves more from me but I was wrong. They have succeeded.

    Although, you can throw all of that personal opinion out of the window if it sells by the bucket load and trounces the opposition. I just don’t see how… yet.

    • Full Wii backwards compatibility, not just with games but all the controllers & peripherals will assist in brining their massive user-base with them
      Core games, not lite versions or spin-offs will be presumably be appearing day & date with the PS360
      Nintendo’s first party games
      Best of both worlds (core+casual) Although I think what we’re starting to see with Kinect (Dance Central 2, Star Wars Disneyland and even Ghost Recon) may mean Wii upgraders may go to the 360, not sure why Sony aren’t pushing Move better (by that I mean more fun local multi-player experiences, not alternative control schemes for FPS)

  2. Glad that they are moving forward but it’s not for me.

  3. sounds fishy to me …

  4. Lot of hate for Ninty’s new console here (in a way I’m not suprised) but I’ve got to say Nintendo’s conference was the only one of the three to impress me this year. 360 has fallen into a rut of relying almost entirely on Kinect and Sony’s just didnt impress me, including the Vita (don’t ask my why as I’m still working that bit out myself haha).
    Like it or not, Nintendo always pave the way in terms of innovation and technological advancements, while Sony/Microsoft continue to release countless FPS’ (albeit very pretty ones) and occasionally play copy-cat to bring themselves back up to speed with Nintendo (motion controls in this case).
    Just my thoughts :)

  5. Not to be sniffed at…

  6. “(forget about media support, Nintendo aren’t interested)”

    This comment made my day. It just made me realize, that Nintendo, like it or not, are the only ones that make true gaming consoles today. Gaming today is cramped with other types of media that a lot of people might not even use. But not Nintendo. they stay true to the gaming word, despite their gimmicky items.

    That is what I love. A gaming console, and nothing more. I don’t want my console crammed with Facebook, twitter, Last.FM, etc apps that do nothing but get in my way in the menu’s. I buy a console for GAMING. Not to be an 80% wasted media hub.

    • The only plus with PS3 is that it came with a “free” blu ray player, saving me having to buy another box to place under the TV.

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