No Friend Codes For Wii U?

Online gaming on the Wii wasn’t a particularly smooth affair (bar one or two games), mainly down to Nintendo’s insistence on using ‘friend codes’. It seems this is all set to change for Wii U if Ubisoft producer Adrian Blunt can be believed, as he had the following to say about Ghost Recon Online:

“Rather than using friend codes, which we’ve had in the past, we’re able to connect players in a much easier way, which allows us to have a community that’s playing together in the game.”

He wouldn’t be drawn into commenting on specifics, such as gamertags, but the ditching of friend codes is a huge start.

Source: MTV Multiplayer



  1. Just hope, really hope they don’t leave it up to the devs to implement their own meaning you’ll need a different sign-on for each one. Konami ID anyone?

    Although the pubs would love that as it means they ‘own’ the customer

    • I doubt that would happen. Even though they are using friends codes on the 3DS, it’s one code for the System, which means all games uses the same system.

  2. I don’t think Nintendo understands the importance of console software to enhance an experience and support their innovations. the Xbox 360 is an excellent example of how thoughtful software design can greatly enhance online play and connectivity.

    We can only hope Nintendo doesn’t make this mistake again I guess :3.

  3. They would be mad not to allow the creation of users, its by far the easiest way. Then maybe some kind of trophy system and we are away!

    • i agree a trophy system or the like is very much needed, and an imporvement in online communication, getting rid of friend codes is a good start

  4. Friend codes were a minor inconvenience and by no means the main reason the online on Wii wasn’t very good. Unless of course it was the codes that made nearly everyone have huge amounts of lag and use wireless.

  5. they were taking the safe option, scared of getting hacked and details taken :p

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