Halo Anniversary Runs Two Engines Simultaneously, Features “Classic Mode”

I’m fairly sure Kris asked the question in the Microsoft E3 podcast this week, as to whether Halo Anniversary would feature a mode to play the game displaying the original graphics.

Well, it certainly does. In fact, the game is running two engines at once; the original engine to retain the classic Halo gameplay, overlaid with the new graphics engine. The shiny graphics can be switched off at any time and you’ll enter “classic mode”.


The team at 343 have said that they will “never ignore the roots and foundation of what makes Halo successful”, and they’ll “never try to replicate what Bungie did.”

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. Good idea! Glad to see they’re at least taking this seriously.

  2. I thought Microsoft said a while back that they wouldnt start doing remakes and basically derided Sony for it. Did I dream that?

  3. Playstation version? I would like that, however impossibly unlikely..

    • Indeed, that *is* impossibly unlikely.

  4. So it’s literally just a fancy re-skin. I wonder if they’ll charge full price for it?

  5. I like this idea, would be a cool function for first time players [ne] of Halo 1

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