Bethesda Hacked

Publisher Bethesda has announced that its website and forums were subject to an “unlawful” attack over the weekend.

“We believe we have taken appropriate action to protect our data against these attacks,” said a blog post just published. “While no personal financial information or credit card data was obtained, the hackers may have gained access to some user names, email addresses, and/or passwords. As a precaution, we recommend that all our fans immediately change passwords on all our sites.”


They also suggest that if you use the same username, email address or password for any other sites, change your details on those too.

It’s expected that hacker group Lulzsec are behind the attacks.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

TheSixthAxis reminds its readers that you should ensure all passwords are unique for each website (including TheSixthAxis) – it should be common practice and it’s highly advisable to do so.  Although TheSixthAxis uses hashed and salted passwords by default, all WordPress powered sites (like this one) store clear email addresses as part of your profile.



  1. That’s it. I am now declaring all hackers to be A.holes.:( FFS,i am fed up with them hacking everything in sight. I hope no details were stolen.

  2. Seems as if theres a lot to be said about offline gaming…

  3. What the hell is wrong with those guys? This is beyond having some “fun”

  4. F*&$%?* hackers!!!!!
    All internet security has to be tightened. But I doubt any security could hold back the best hackers. It’s not a matter of if they can hack something, its when.

  5. Please excuse me while I go strangle these bastards.

  6. Why can’t we anti-hack? Seriously, there are ordinary people out there who hack and are good people really. Why can’t we get those guys to find out where these guys are so we can lock them up and let them get some “fresh air” in jail? I’m disgusted any government hasn’t been able to lock these people down yet, just shows how great the justice system is eh?

    • Well, there are sort of anti-hackers out there, referred to as whitehats. But they don’t go after hackers, they try to find holes in a company’s security then notify them, often for a reward, you can actually make a pretty good living off it.

  7. Well, it wouldn’t want to be left out now, would it?

  8. This is way beyond a joke now (not that it was ever funny in the first place) – How much would it cost to hire a hacker/bounty hunter combo to find them & take them down? I am thinking it would be worth it! :)

    Seriously though, what are they actually hoping to achieve with these internet guerrilla tactics?

    • Where should I send the money? ;)
      What I don’t get is why they’re so focused on damaging game developers and publishers. They’re no gamers, so why do they even care?

      • I have decided that i will take on the bounty hunter role – Might as well have some fun with it right? :D

        I agree though, surely there are better ‘targets’ out there than who they have been targeting recently (not saying that hacking of this sort is right in any situation though)?

      • I’ll join you mate.

        I wonder how much lulz there would be if I ripped their fucking throat out?

    • “No ice in paradise brau..”

    • That is anonymous. This is (probably) Lulzsec

      • Doesn’t matter, the more hackers end up in jail, the better :) Lulzsec will be next

    • Probably just random volunteers who ran that stupid LOIC program. There’s a hacker called “The Jester” who had warned Anonymous that it was unsafe but either the Anonymous masses didn’t believe him or didn’t care that these random people were being put in danger of being found out.

      The whole hacker scene is like a really good soap, I’ve been keeping up with it all on twitter.

  9. So, all this hacking seems to be geared towards pushing companies towards increased/improved internet security, it makes you wonder who really is behind it… i mean who will benefit from this the most.. internet security firms possibly?.. unlikely of course but still, who else is benefitting from it?

    • It is clearly the Mole People. Once we abandon our modern computer technology for fear of losing our personal data, they will rise from their underground kingdom with pointy sticks and enslave us all. I for one welcome our new near-sighted leaders.

      • The Mole People are responsible for a lot of law’n disorder but surely not this too…

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