FIFA Will Not Support PS Move

Now I may be missing something here and please feel to correct me in the comments section if I am, but football is played with, like, your feet? That’s right isn’t it?

My knowledge of football is confined to gossip on which Big Brother contestant Ryan Giggs is boffing today* but I’m pretty sure not having PS Move as a control option in FIFA 13 is a good thing.


EA have promised they will include Kinect support in the FIFA series starting with FIFA 13 – all good, Kinect can track your legs and feet.

However, EA have felt the need to state they will not be supporting Move. Senior vice president of worldwide development, Andrew Wilson, spoke to Eurogamer:

We have not focused on PS Move for FIFA, but that’s not to say we won’t.

There have been different problems we’re solving as we go through the process. That’s not one we’ve sought to solve. We’ve focused a lot with PS Move with Tiger, and we’ve looked at other sports where it seems a natural fit.

Eurogamer then asked why Move would not be supported and Andrew said it ‘did not add value to the experience’.

Move is hand held, football is played with your feet – surely that is good reason not to use the controller? I’m struggling to see how you could use a hand held device to control a football game – unless FIFA 13 has a ‘Ryan Giggs Hotel Boff’ mini game.

Source: Eurogamer

*Cameron Stout



  1. It’s not really a good fit.

    It remains to be seen what Kinect will bring to FIFA 13, but if its not a separate game mode I’ll be surprised, if they go the voice only route then perhaps you could shout something to change your play eg. play the offside trap, switch wings make someone go on a run, play a one-two etc

    But my money is on a Kinect only game/mode on the same disc, like FIFA Street being a separate game with FIFA on the Wii.

    Although it leaves PS Move out in the dark as far as FIFA is concerned, as it’s not a great body tracking system, it’s better than shoe-horning a useless gimmick mode for the sake of it

    • Good idea there with the voice shouts to change tactics, would be much easier than it currently is, which is hard as you can only change it when the ball is in play, when you should be concentrating on the pitch!

    • Putting aside the fact that it’s unnecessary for FIFA to have voice commands, you wouldn’t need Kinect to do anything voice only anyway.

      Frankly, the idea of FIFA Kinect is horrible. I’d be fairly confident that the vast majority of FIFA players would agree. Kinect players would be getting hammered by convetional controllers so it would, as you say CC, have to be a stand alone implementation.

      In that case, they should develop something new rather than squeeze it into FIFA. I’m already sick of listening to MS about how xyz is “better with Kinect”. Rather than continually try and shoehorn the functionality into existing games/game types – which is exposing Kinect for the weaknesses it has – why don’t they get their finger out, use some imagination and build games around it.

      Oh aye, I know….it’s easier and more cost effective to just exploit their current user base by a bit of intelligent marketing. Who cares about the end experience.

    • …and FIFA move is even more laughable of course.

  2. What, no special shoes to slot the wand into?

  3. “I’m struggling to see how you could use a hand held device to control a football game”

    Um in this sarcasm or have you missed the blindingly obvious?

    • *is this, rather

    • Er no? You dontp lay footbal with your hands so how is swinging a move controller about going to work playing football?

      • I assume he means playing as the Goalkeeper, and to be honest he has a good point. Playing as the keeper in FIFA 11 is hard but with 2 move controllers as your hands it could be great fun

      • I dont mean any of that!

        We dont play FIFA with out feet (we play it with a “handheld device”) now and I do believe its been fairly successful so far.

        Why couldnt they somehow intergrate Move if they made it successful using a Dualshock? And I had PES on the Wii and that was also great.

      • I would assume they could implement it in a similar way to PES on the Wii. The standard button controls worked as normal, whilst the pointer controls were used to highlight specific players and draw routes in order for them to make specific directional runs. Also, it allowed great opportunities for creating set plays (free kicks, corners etc) by setting up directional runs for multiple players.
        If done correctly, it could actually work quite well.

      • Well you made me think about the goalkeeper thing which I think could be good anyway :)

        And PES on the Wii was great fun once you got the hang of it.

      • Don’t worry, I got it Rob.

        Unless everyone else holds their DualShock with their feet, they should be able to understand the irony.

        Incidently, TC, did you not see the NBA 2K12 demo at the Sony E3 conference? THAT is exactly how you could implement Move into FIFA, and it would be a damn sight better than Kinect control will ever be.

        Here’s a reminder. That’s just holding the Move alone, couple the Navi and you could easily bring all the fidelity that FIFA offers.

        The real reason (if you ask me) they aren’t supporting Move, is because all they can do with Kinect is add a mini-game, whereas with Move they could support the entire game. Doing that would embarrass MS and Kinect in general. You do the math.

      • Hold the phone – you’re not meant to hold the DualShock with your feet?

        No wonder I was having so much trouble with the last level of Uncharted 2.

  4. Actually how they did Fifa on the Wii one year was not bad. Not something I would play personally, because I’ve been playing Fifa since the first one. But I could see someone having fun with it.

    No big loss to be honest.

  5. Not that i play footy games but how come there’s no first-person footy games.. seems possible with the accuracy of Move.

    • ‘First Person Booter’ you mean?? :D

      • Lmao like it. You never know it might stick. :)

      • Good one! :D

  6. I don’t think it would work either- but then again, a mode like the NBA2K12 on-stage E3 demo could work for people who don’t really know how to play games.
    It was literally point at something and press to take control or pass.

  7. i dont think anyone wanted it to support move, im struggling to find how move could work any way at all with Fifa :L be a referee or linesman, everyone loves the arm movements? or is that just me? :L

  8. FIFA will just not work with either Kinect or Move, apart from, possibly, voice control. There is no way it will be practical to prance about kicking your legs in the air instead of just tapping a button.

  9. No great loss imo

  10. this is good news, i cant see how a football game with move could work.

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