Black Ops Map Pack 3 Outed?

If our source is to be believed, more Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC has been leaked, this time spotted as part of Gamestop’s promotional material. According to the leaflet, Map Pack 3 will come in tow with your average dose of four multiplayer maps as well as an extension to the popular “Zombies” component. The pre-mentioned maps include Hangar-18, Drive-In, Silo, and Hazard with the new zombie shoot-out simply dubbed, “Zombies.”

Though it may be a fake, some will remember that Map Pack 2 was leaked in a similar fashion, through GAME’s advertising print material a week before its official announcement.

Source: DigitalWarfare 24/7



  1. Does anyone still buy these?

    • If they dropped the price, I would. But it is too steep for me considering a only dip into it now and then. Still plenty of people playing the regular maps

    • You could theoretically split the price between yourself and four friends. ;)

      And here’s a video of the maps:

      Comes out on 360 June 28th & should be on PS3 around the end of July.

  2. 3 Packs? MW2 only had 2. But then again, WaW had about 4 or 5 I think. I guess the more Map Packs there are, the better value COD Elite will be.

    • WAW only had the 3 map packs.. So I imagine this will be the final Black Ops DLC.

      • WaW was supposed to have 4 map packs (the last would have been kino der toten) so maybe there will be more

  3. map pack 2 was a waste of money and bandwidth imo.

  4. I would never buy the map packs until they are at least halved in price. For the price of all 3, you could get the game.

    • I agree. Probably get the game bit cheaper than them brand new.

  5. Talking of map packs, BlOps Escalation is finally released on PS3 today

    • This was actually released on Friday morning, they had a double XP weekend to “celebrate” it!

    • Yep. Friday.

    • Damn that official PlayStation tweet deceiving me

      • There was also a press release. And Activision, Treyarch etc. all tweeted about it.

  6. Rinse it, rinse it Activision lol. Honestly I think this is madness, but if people are willing to pay for these then great. I personaly think they are a little overpriced.

    • Not sure where the line is drawn between a business making money as all businesses need to, and rinsing it.

      Killzone 2 for example had 3 lots of DLC – Not many people, if any, criticised them for that. People’s double standards on Activision’s products Vs someone like Sony’s is getting ridiculous in the TSA comments section.

      As for pricing… they’ll charge what the market will support, record sales would point to the fact that it’s not too expensive so people must find value in the higher prices, particularly as there is 2.5 times the amount of maps in the DLC than in something like Killzone’s.

      • Killzone’s dlc was a lot more affordable though.t You could of got all three map packs for less the price of a cod one

      • KZ2 had three lots? I gave up after the second one, so I didn’t realise, but then KZ2 was a fantastic game IMO, it was new and people loved it. Although I was VERY disappointed in the DLC.

        I agree pricing is based on supply/demand, but doesn’t mean I don’t agree with pumping out DLC after DLC, whatever game, especially when a new game is incoming in a few months time.

  7. Wow lol, honestly, imo, I love Activision. For once, with Escalation, they LOWERED the price for us. First Strike was £11.49, Escalation was £10.99….50p yes, a reduction yes. I’ve loved all content from Treyarch so far making the flawed multiplayer much better and genuinely looking forward from this. From a guy more excited about Battlefield 3 ;)

  8. I’m sure I bought the first MW1 map pack for around £7, which to me seemed like a reasonable price. Anything over a tenner is too pricey (says me who’s just spent over £200 on new curtains).

    • thats a spicy meatball. Althought I just bought some blinds that cost over that too lol

  9. Way too overpriced. Half the price of the game for 5 maps! The game itself had more maps and a campaign.

    Not only are Treyarch crap developers but people who buy the maps on PS3 are dumbf*cks.

    • I bought them, so I’m a dumbfuck?

    • People who buy map packs for a game you dont like are instantly dumb fucks?

      Call of Duty haters are really disappointing to see around here lately. If you dont like the game, fair enough, but some people do so instead of insulting them (and with a comment such as this, your own intelligence) please just get over it. You play your games and let others play theirs.

      • No I don’t hate the game but I certainly do not find it as fun as MW2 or MW.

        I say “dumbf*cks” because why should us PS3 players get a rubbish inferior port of the Xbox 360 version. At least IW had the decency to try and make the PS3 port of MW2 as the same as the 360.

        Until people keep bending over and buying crap from Treyarch for the PS3, the PS3 will never get a COD game as good as the 360 version, so why should the PS3 maps be priced higher and the game be the same price as the 360 version?

        Maybe if people didn’t buy the game and other overpriced addons on PS3, we would actually get Treyarch to reconsider and make the PS3 version as good as the 360.

      • they dont purposely make it inferior… and any differnces arent game breaking on the PS3, many people play CoD and wait til the odd good game comes out and invest time into that, once its done, its CoD till the next game, the last game i bought was, i think, GT5, on release, since then, ive put time into it, and im back on CoD, so when i play CoD year round, the map packs are amazing value for money, that £10 will get you into a cinema (2 hours) or a map pack that will last a year.

      • i said a year but thats providing you actually stop playing it and move onto the next installment

  10. i just can’t put up with the price of these, if they were £7.99 like WAW and COD4 map packs then i would get them but £11.99 is just too high, greedy [email protected], they already make the game £45 and then expect you to pay an extra £12 everytime for a DLC, some people are spending up to £81 on Blops!

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