Patrick Stewart To Narrate The War Of The Worlds

Paramount are to bring the classic H.G. Wells novel to life on the PSN and XBLA with the help of notable thesp (and starship captain), Patrick Stewart.

Stewart will narrate the game which will follow a new story but set in the same timeline as the original book. The 2D action title is said to be influenced by Amiga classics ‘Flashback’ and ‘Another World’.


“As a young boy, I remember watching the The War of the Worlds so many times I was quoting the lines. The alien invasion both terrified and fascinated me and the movie has stuck with me since then. Now, being part of this project will provide a new way for gamers around the world to experience a fresh new take on a classic.”

Check out the (rather grey) screenshots below.

Source: Press Release



  1. I love War of the Worlds.. but (even though it’s only a couple of screenshots) I’m not so impressed by this. Looks a bit tacky for a classic title.

  2. He’s the perfect choice!

  3. No-one would have believed…

    • And cool again after his appearance comedy gala….

  4. Doesn’t look like HG Wells classic story, but more like one of the awful american takes on it, Jeff Wayne’s version will always be my favourite they should make a game of that!

    • I have just been informed there is a game based on Jeff Wayne’s version! From Rage, released on the PC in 1998

      • It was also released on Playstation. I remember it. Wasn’t so good.

  5. looks horribly low budget, or high budget with all the money spent on patrick stewart

  6. I actually quite like the atmospheric look of the screenshots, but it seems to be going all Hollywood-action-flick. To me the book was a very personal tale of horror and psychological terror. Jeff Wayne’s awesome musical version is a moving tale of humanity’s fight for survival told through an individual’s eyes.

    The Hollywood films are just meh. Though I did like the production design in the last one and Dakota Fanning put in a good performance for a kid when she wasn’t just stood screaming.

    Stewart is no Richard Burton, but he’s one of the few actors who could bring a suitable sense of the gravitas of the situation to the game.

  7. I love WOTWs and its great they have got Sir Patrick, I just hope the game is decent.

  8. I was thinking “Flashback” before i read the article so they must be on the right track. :)
    Looking forward to seeing it in motion.

  9. Have to see it moving to know for sure but could be a worth a punt on PSN, Patrick Stewart is a great choice for the voice over.

  10. Patrick Stewart was at my graduation ceremony. I have shaken the hand of the great man himself.

    As a side note, this game looks terrible. Nothing will ever compare to Another World. Good game to cite as an influence though.

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