Black Ops Annihilation DLC Announcement Trailer

It appears that yesterday’s reports were in fact correct. Treyarch has come forward to announce to announce the third batch of Black Ops downloadable content, titled Annihilation, which will launch on June 28th for XBL members. Like those before it, the bundle will include four multiplayer maps, as well as a new instalment of the popular Zombies co-op mode.

Call of Duty veterans will spot that Hazard, one of the new maps, is a re-imagining of WAW’s Cliffside, transformed into a present day golf course.


As always, PlayStation 3 and PC players will have to hold out for a month to get their slice of COD action, due to Microsoft 360 exclusivity deal.



  1. No tip-off? :/ Anyway looks great imo, looking very forward to this :)

  2. So, will the zombie add on be a full chapter, like in the last dlc?

  3. I’ll be getting this as a fraction of the price. If you know what I mean… :D

  4. This looks great, but I will again not be purchasing due to the price. Big shame.

  5. Thank Sony for game sharing between 5 accounts or better yet, leech of your friends account xD

    It’s too early to release yet another map pack so people can camp in.

  6. I don’t understand the problem people have with price. With Halo: Reach you get 3 maps for 800MP, but you’re getting 5 maps here for 1200MP, including a specifically designed Zombie map.

    I have only bought this game recently, and although I skipped First Strike as it features very similar level themes to other shooters (apart from stadium), i’d be very interested in this map pack like I was Escalation. I really liked how they weren’t necessarily taking it seriously and are playing with very different level themes and locations.

  7. must admit i actually like the look of this map pack, all the mp maps look very good, and the zombies map looks very enjoyable. if i had the money i would get this one

  8. This DLC for COD actually looks the best one.

  9. The maps actually look pretty good. If I get into the COD Elite beta, I’ll probably get this.

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