Folklore, Genji Developer Apparently Closed

Reports are surfacing that Japanese-based Game Republic is facing closure. With the studio head, Yoshiki Okamoto fallen from grace, as well as the studio’s site taken offline and one of its offices vacant, things have been looking grim, though nothing has been confirmed.

In a recent issue of gaming rag Famitsu, a page spread has been spotted, promoting Game Republic’s most recent (and worst) title, Knights Contract, though the only company listing on the ad is the publisher, Namco Bandai. Whether the developer is planning on reforming its staff or calling it a day has yet to be verified.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Well they lefted ps3 gamers and made a bad game so no issue for me. Still wish they would have devoleped Folklore 2 :(

    • Folklore 2 would be awesome, but that’s a shame they always make new IP’s all the time, no sequels…

      • Sorry i forgot Genji has a sequel.

      • I wish I could forget Genji’s sequel. Loved the first game, hated the second.

  2. they have made some decent games in the past, i’ve enjoyed most of them that i’ve played.
    i wasn’t aware knight’s contract was theirs though, i’d expect much better from them.

    still it’s a shame if they have closed down.

    i really have to finish folklore one say.

    • one day.

    • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a pretty decent game, but Knights Contract was a total dud.

      • that was one of theirs?
        i only played the demo but i thought it was pretty good.

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