SEGA Creating New IP For Vita

From the ashes of SEGA Racing, rising like a phoenix, comes the SEGA Technology Group. The new team have been advising other SEGA studios on new tech including 3DS, PS Vita, Kinect, Move and Wii U.

To help them understand the tech the group have been creating concepts, and one of these has been greenlit. It will be a unique PlayStation Vita title – a brand new IP for Sony’s new baby. SEGA West’s production boss Gary Dunn said:


“It’s going to be a PS Vita game that absolutely uses many features of the hardware to the max, and gives you some truly innovative gaming opportunities not seen before.

I personally wouldn’t want to put this project under a genre of any kind.”

Brand new IP, brand new team, brand new console. Exciting stuff.

Source: Develop



  1. Sounds cool, the Vita needs exciting new IPs to properly interest me, here’s hoping it turns out well. Uncharted and Killzone is all good, but better on the PS3.

  2. New IP is good, but “uses many features of the hardware to the max” is slightly worrying. I guess we’ll just have to see…

    • I read that as using the touchscreen and touchpad or analogue sticks, as opposed to graphics processor being maxed out. I think that’s good, unlike the fact that pretty much nobody uses sixaxis in the dualshock 3 anymore. Although I could be entirely wrong…

      • It could be fine, my only worry is that a lot of games on new consoles try to shoe-horn in uses for all of the new control methods without necessarily going for what’s best for the game. On the other hand it could be something really new and innovative and I might just be being cynical!

  3. Sounds exciting! I hope some of the brilliance that Sega of old came up with is on show with this new game.

  4. My gut tells me to say that they will never make games like they used to a decade ago, my head tells me that they might just win my loyalty back because it’s new. Who knows! :3

  5. Good news, hope Sony follows through and makes sure there are enough games for the Vita, was the main reason I still don’t have a PSP.

  6. Sounds like a mini-game collection…
    I don’t have high hopes for Sega titles anymore…

  7. Although the usual big hitters are going to be good i’m glad a new ip is being created.

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