New Dragon’s Dogma Screens Out

Dragon’s Dogma has received a fair bit of attention since its reveal a few months ago. The promise of large beasts to slay, mixed with an open world really does sound fantastic.

Capcom has released a handful of new screens for the game, which unfortunately only features one Dragon. Oh well, we’ll take what we can get.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Looking very nice. Thanks for sharing this with us. ^^

  2. Hmm a very misleading sub title about Dragons.

    I want…

  3. So what kind of game is this then? Is it a hack & slasher, or an RPG type game?

    • Looks like a RPG, maybe a bit similar to Demons Souls but more open world perhaps? or even Monster Hunter?

    • I’m still not sure (from the trailer) but it’s very, very nice. E3 certainly threw this onto my radar with aplomb.

      Visually, it looks lovely too (esp. scenery).

      • Trouble is that its Capcom – If their recent strategies are anything to go by, they’ll probably want you to trade your children in for the game just so it’s ‘locked to one user’!! :)

      • I hope not or they won’t get anything from me. There’s no way I’d partake in such consumer-folly. Sod that. :-)

      • Thankfully, their bizarre tactics seem limited to handheld consoles and downloadable games so far. I dread the day that they reach disc-based titles.

  4. At one point I was pretty hyped about this , albeit mostly due to the myriad of fantastical beasts shown in the trailer.

    Now it’s definitely a wait and see, because really, it’s been (literally) years since Capcom made a game I actually enjoyed.

    I really do hope it is good, despite my misgivings it has a lot of potential.

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