The Secret World “Savage Coast” Reveal

Funcom has today launched a new trailer for its upcoming MMO shooter, set to launch on both the PC and Xbox 360. Narrated by Raiden voice actor, Quinton Flynn, the latest gameplay footage covers one of the in-game locations dubbed the Savage Coast, a ruined network of urban districts now overrun by foul demons and other twisted creatures.

The Secret World has been in development for some time now, though Funcom has yet to confirm a solid release date. With Huxley on hold and Monster Hunter Frontier unlikely to launch overseas, The Secret World is set to be the first massively multiplayer online title to grace Microsoft’s home console.


  1. when did they announce this for consoles?
    i’ve been following this a bit for what feels like years and i thought it was only on pc.

    and this wont be the first mmo for xbox, there was ffxi, and phantasy star universe, though that one barely qualifies as an mmo.

    anyway, i’m kinda looking forward to this one.

    • Final Fantasy XI had been in circulation for some time before it launched on the 360, hence the lack of publicity. And like you said, Phantasy Star hardly qualified as an MMO.

      • ffxi on 360 had a bit of publicity, they gave the beta away with the official magazine.

        that was my first and only time playing ffxi.
        i didn’t like it.
        it wasn’t until like level ten that you got to do more than sit and watch your character and the enemy wailing on each other with no interaction.
        wait, there was a second skill/ability/spell, but you could only use it like once an hour.

        anyway, enough waffling.

        this is looking like an interesting title.
        from the guy behind the longest journey, so it should be interesting.

  2. Jaysus. It sounds like he was given a crap-load of text and told: “You have two minutes to read ALL of this.”

    “Hang on, two minutes for ALL th …”

    “One minute and fifty-six seconds …”

  3. I really like the look of that.

  4. From what I’ve seen of The Secret World’s gameplay it’s shockingly bland. Most MMOs have trade-offs when it comes to gameplay and this one seems to be no exception. Hopefully a lot of what I’ve seen is completely reworked because it just looked terrible. Nice environments though.

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