Dragon Age II: Legacy Launching Later This Month

As previously reported, Dragon Age II: Legacy will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on July 26th. The DLC will include an all-new adventure in which Hawke discovers more about his/her father’s past as the group visit a Grey Warden prison. With one of the inmates being an ultra-powered Darkspawn, the scene is set, and chaos is likely to ensue upon your arrival. Launching back in March, we gave Dragon Age II an impressive 9/10 in our written review.

Source: Gamespot



  1. Having really enjoyed DA:O, as well as all the DLC, I’m yet to play DA II. Mainly because of the backlog of games. But from what I’ve heard I’m not sure what to expect, mixed reviews to say the least. Although, it’s actually quite cheap these days so no excuse not to try it!

    • I’m in the same boat.
      Loved the first game but didn’t buy 2 straight away as I had too many games to play/not enough time to do so.

      Will have a gander when I go shopping later tho, see how much it is these days :)

      • It’s a crowded boat then. So many games, and so little time to get through them all.

    • DA II isn’t fit to lace origins pointy boots. It’s a mess of a title with reused maps, an awful story, forgettable characters and worst of all no customization. It’s like they took Origins and removed everything good about it and released the remains. I’m being kind to DAII by the way with my description, it is far worse than that and how TSA managed to give it 9/10 is beyond me as I would struggle to give it a 6.

      • It’s not that bad. I’d agree the first was a fair bit better, but by no means is it a bad game.

      • It doesn’t set out to be DA:Origins II. It’s a somewhat different game set in the same world. I’m on a break from my third playthrough at the moment, catching up on other games, but I enjoy DAII so i’ll get back to it.

      • As I said, mixed reviews!

      • A bit harsh perhaps. They did simplify a fair few things from Origins, but I didn’t think it made the experience all that much worse. The dialogue options were certainly an improvement.

      • Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with psychobudgie here. I found DAII to be nowhere NEAR as good as the first game overall, the only thing that managed to drag it out of the gutter being that I found the combat incredibly fun.

        Oh, and Merrill. She made everything better too. :D

        I might pick up the DAII Ultimate Edition sometime in the future though (assuming that they actually make one), though it all depends on how good their remaining DLC is.

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  3. Well yeah. Legacy is the first major DLC for DA2 that was not day one dlc. It’s not an expansion as far as I am aware

  4. Awesome cant wait for this! Why the wait for the PS3 version though? Says at the end of trailer PS3 Version avaliable in August

  5. I’ll be picking this up eventually, I quite liked DA2, though it wasn’t anywhere near Origins level of brilliance.

  6. I’ll be buying this on day one! The second game isn’t anywhere near as good as the first game, granted, but I still absolutely love it. Call me a fanboy. :)

  7. Gonna give one of these games a go when I am going through a game drought…

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