Armored Core V Screens

Armored Core V, the fifth entry in the popular mech series will be released in Japan in October with European and North American versions arriving sometime in 2012 on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

A wodge of screenshots have been released and the game is looking rather good, have a click below and see for yourselves.

Also, if anyone can suggest the correct term for a collection of screenshots please do so in the comment section.

A wodge of screenshots? A bunch? A melange? A capture of screenshots? We need an official term to use.

Source: Armored Core V Site


  1. Looks brilliant!

  2. I vote melange, haha. This looks like Vanquish with mechs. SOLD

  3. lol i can not believe this is still going, i remember playing 1 or 2 on the PS1!

  4. Just a gallery? =P

  5. I’m afraid i’m not impressed by any of the screens in that there Picliography.. :|

  6. Nice looking screens. Seems to have taken on a more serious visual tone as of recent.

    Re: melange, etc. Selection, handful, assortment, hodgepodge, collection. Anything but “bunch”. The prevalence of its use makes me cringe. When things are bunched together (hair, bananas, etc) fine. Until then. PISS OFF! :-P

    *breathes and calms down*

  7. I’m a sucker for giant mech games, looking very forward for this :D

  8. never liked the controls of armoured core Z.O.E will always be the best mech game in my eyes

  9. An obituary.

  10. The screens look good, but wasn’t the last Armoured Core game shit? I do like mech combat when done right, so hopefully it will be good.

    • No, based on Metacritic yes, gamers and seperates site: No, I liked For Answer and I would place it on top of one of my favourite games this generation.

      An 8… although i’d love to play it online..

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