New Dragon’s Dogma Screens Are Disturbing

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought “yeah, today’s the day where I’ve actually lost my mind”. Well, today has been one of those days until I realised that what I was looking at wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Say hello to the chimera, or as I like to call it; Bob.

Bob will attack you with three different move sets. The snake will poison, the lion will bite and claw whilst the goat will…nibble at your jacket? Annoying.

Source: Andrisang



  1. It can’t be that distur…*sees the screenshots* ok. Why does it look like the goat is mounting the lion? I think i may have to back away slowly again. Damm,the goat will nibble at our jackets!That is cruel. Oh and the other attacks are just normal(well as normal as you can get with Bob)

    • It’s a chimera, I believe.

      • Don’t they belong to the Resistance games? But still,it looks like the goat is mounting the lion. And it seems that something a madman would make. I didn’t make it before you ask. I’m not that mad.:p

  2. The goat will spray you with it’s milk! Only does damage against lactose intolerant protagonists.

  3. Pigment :)

    • That’s what happens when my brain is 6 steps behind my fingers :oD

  4. If I was the guy in that first picture, I think I would have s*** my pants!!! The goat appears to have lightning comming from its face in another pic?

  5. Love it! That’s old school nightmare material right there.
    Don’t know the game, but I have some slight hope of it being an an advanced hack’n’slash rather than an RPG…

    • A mix of both would be great if they got the balance right.

  6. Colour me excited

  7. I still don’t understand why they are disturbing. It’s not like we haven’t seen the Chimera before.

  8. I think you’ve got the goat’s attack completely wrong. It looks far more subtle than a jacket attack. I suspect the goat attacks by… errr… giving you the horn!

  9. Hey, Bob’s the zombie we leave alone in black ops, not a Chimera. Get it right! :D

  10. That is the craziest creature design I have ever seen!

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