Two New DW7 Xtreme Legends Character Revealed

Dynasty Warriors 7 is set to receive its first comprehensive expansion later this year, titled Xtreme Legends. Those who have a history with Omega Force’s popular hack n’ slash series will know that XL add-ons have been in circulation since Dynasty Warriors 3, though the most recent installment promises to be the developer’s best to date. Upon DW7 XL’s announcement, it was confirmed that three new characters would join the ranks, bringing the total number of playable officers up to 65.

With the initial unveiling of Guo Jia, many had thought that there would be one new character for each of the three main kingdoms, though it appears Omega Force has gone full-on Wei. Wang Yi and Pang De were stripped from recent magazine scans and have since been confirmed as the final two playable character, Yi bearing a fork-like weapon, De with the already-existing dual halberds.


The latter character originally debuted in Dynasty Warriors 5, also featuring in TK’s crossover series, Warriors Orochi. Since then however, Pang De had been excluded from Dynasty Warriors 6 and 7, many suggesting that he didn’t have enough substance and weighing on the Three Kingdoms narrative to be considered a playable officer.

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Source: KOEI Warriors



  1. Nice I’ll be getting this I think. Always been a Dynasty Warriors fan and really enjoyed DW7.

  2. I understand that he originally wielded them in DW5, but doesn’t it seem a bit lazy to have just given Pang De an existing weapon? It’s a tad disappointing that I’ll be paying for a new character who’ll play very similarly to one I already have.

    I guess I can always hope that they’ll give him a different moveset to Zhang Liao despite having the same weapon (which I think they’re already doing for Zhao Yun).

    Wang Yi looks great though.

  3. Never played one but really interested with all your news bits. Gonna try this franchise…

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