New 360 Headset and Remote Announced

Those lucky enough to have upgraded their original Xbox 360s to the new shiny S model might have been mildly frustrated at the chunky pale grey peripherals previously on offer.

Well, worry no more, fancy 360 upgraders! Microsoft has just announced a new headset, with Bluetooth, and a new media remote. Both items, as you can see in the gallery below, are clearly styled to go alongside the updated hardware.

The new remote has all the usual functions and also sports a D-pad, something that was missing from the earlier version.

The headset is also a much sleeker design than the old model and promises to work with any Bluetooth device and connect directly to the 360 without any fiddly setup.

The headset is priced at $59.99/£39.99 and the remote is priced at $19.99/£14.99. Interestingly, making the headset Bluetooth 3.0 compatible means that you could now use the same wireless headset for both your 360 and your PS3 gaming sessions…

Source: Press Release


  1. The PS3 Surround Headset can’t come too soon.

  2. I just got a new headset =D

  3. The headset is a bit pricey.

  4. Nice looks, high prices.

    Shame the 360 won’t work with my bluetooth headset that i use with my ps3 and anything else if i wanted to…

    Also i wish they added hdmi control, my tv remote is bravia synced to my ps3, surely it can be done with my 360 too to control navigation like it does on the ps3

    • It can’t be dont for some reason even on the older phat PS3’s so I doubt the 360 will be ever able to do it with HDMI 1.2

    • Unfortunately its just Bravia Sync, not the one Samsung use, or the ones used by other companies. Stupid ridiculous amount of variation.

  5. I didn’t even know the 360 had bluetooth, did they add it in when they released the new hardware?

    • How do you suppose the controllers work wirelessly ? :O
      It’s been there since launch.

      • 2.4ghz wireless isn’t the same as bluetooth otherwise all the cross platform moaners would just sync their 360 pads up to their PS3s. As far as I’m aware the 360 has never had Bluetooth and there aren’t any logos in the photos

      • Xbox 360 has never had bluetooth.

        Its just that this new mic works over bluetooth and 2.4ghz wireless.

  6. They all look very sleek and sexy. Bu let’s not forget the new wireless steering wheel:

    • On second thoughts, let’s absolutely forget the new steering ‘wheel’.

  7. The official PS3 headset is extremely uncomfortable – this new one for the 360 looks very nice but I fear won’t be any better as the earpiece looks identical.

    • Uncomfortable? I think it’s very comfy fit during long hours of gameplay.

      • I must have small ear canals – the earpiece is too large for me, even when I’ve removed that rubber “O” ring. Still, at least this new headset looks like you could use between both consoles with minimal fuss when you need switch between the two.

  8. They look quite good. If i had an xbox, i would get them.:D But alas it is not so. I wonder how comfortable the headset is? I hope it doesn’t fall off your face when you are playing. I have had that happen to me too many times.:( Plus they are shiny.:D Although i wonder if they will collect dust as dust is addicted to shiny things.

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