Summer of Raptr Reminder – Win Big!

Have you commented on our Summer of Raptr  page yet? Some lucky TSA readers will win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 x £20 PSN voucher
  • 2 x $20 PSN voucher
  • A pair of Gunnar Shades ($80 value)
  • A Logitech Mouse ($80 value)

Let’s not forget the main Summer of Raptr competition though, which ends on August 31st. By clicking here and logging into your Raptr account you can follow eligible topics from the list below for a chance to win. Every topic you follow is another chance to win.

Additionally, Raptr users who follow at least 10 of the eligible topics will have double the chance of winning the Grand Prize – One copy of each of the 20 most talked about games of E3 2011 + one of each Consoles (Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS).

The list of topics is as follows:

Hottest Games of E3

Gaming Gear and Free 2 Play





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    • You ever fought a pie? They don’t put up much resistance. Also, watch THAT scene from American Pie. The pie just sat there and let it happen. Stupid pie.

      • Poor violated pie. If it had put up some sort of a fight, it wouldn’t have had to go through all those therapy sessions.

      • but it probably would have ended up rather more squished!

      • Last I heard, the pie in American Pie had settled down with its new family of jam tartlets and was doing quite well actually. Maybe these stories have a happy ending after all…

      • this is starting to get disturbing, and for tsa that’s saying something.

        pies are for eating,, and occasionally throwing in peoples faces, take that murdoch you old git.
        please do not sully my mental image of a lovely pie with that kind of filth.

        flans on the other hand, go nuts. ^_^

      • Aparently throwing pies at Murdoch gets you 6 weeks in jail.

      • that guy would get a bloody knighthood if i had any say in it.

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  3. I wan’t a pie now :(

  4. I like pie. Entered the tsa comp but not the other. May do it if i have time.

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