New Screens Out For Shift 2 On iOS

As mentioned in the comments section of a TSA article I can’t quite remember, Shift 2 is now out on iOS (at least in the US). Featuring three locations (The Black Forest, the deserts of Abu Dhabi, and the waterfronts of Rio), over 40 events and what sounds like quite in-depth car customisation, the asking price of $2.99 seems reasonable.

I played Hot Pursuit extensively on the iPad and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully this game takes it a step further.

Source: iTunes



  1. It’s £2.99 here… Huff puff!

    • Cool, I couldn’t find it searching on the web version of the app store.

  2. Played it a bit last night. Terrible menu UI, but the game’s not bad and does a decent enough rendition of the console version’s helmet cam.

    Plus, no input lag…

  3. Forgot to say, if you don’t like constant reminders to sign up for ORIGIN and hey look you can buy this with real cash when you look at an expensive car, this will annoy the hell out of you. =(

  4. It was I who made the comment.
    I also have some other iOS news :) There’s a new tech demo for the unity 3.4 engine called Angry bots. Haven’t tried it but the screens look good.
    Also all versions of RAGE on iOS will become free for a week after their page gets 100,000 likes on Facebook.
    Finally from the makers of Space Invaders Infinity Gene there is a new rhythm game called Groove Coaster, which is worth checking out if you like the rhythm genre.

    • Oh there’s also a game coming soon called Forever Drive. It’s a futuristic racing game. It has a track editor with a twist, instead of making the whole track you make a section of it and then all these sections are combined to make one giant community track. With in game rewards for the best creators.

  5. …But does it have Autolog?

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