Team Bondi Selling Assets

Not a g'day.

Some sad news from the other side of the world. Team Bondi, the minds behind the Rockstar published L.A. Noire, are in trouble. They’ve been selling their assets to Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

KMM is the animation and production company that is currently working on Happy Feet 2 and Mad Max movie tie ins. Those assets being sold include game IP but that does not include L.A. Noire, as Rockstar owns the rights to that particular title.

The Australian studio is a kind of one stop creative shop with filmakers, directors and animators all playing roles. Cory Barlog, director of God of War II is there, alongside George Miller the filmaker behind Mad Max, Lorenzo’s Oil and Happy Feet.

A source of Develop’s has told that outlet that Team Bondi are offering their existing staff a choice of severence pay or a position within KMM’s ranks. It is unclear what this means for Team Bondi’s future but there has been plenty of speculation surrounding a possible bankruptcy.

Source: Develop, via CVG (thanks to Andrew M for the tip)


  1. Wow. They do a game like L.A. Noire and then maybe bankruptcy?
    Hope all involved get sorted quickly.

    • Shocking indeed, surprised Rockstar haven’t come in to buy the studio up.

    • Well L.A. Noire wasn’t very good actually, it just got a lot of hype, some sites sadly felt for it and a Rockstar PR campaign.

      It “only” did around 3 millions, I think Rockstar, Take Two and properly also Bondi them self expected more.

  2. Not good news. With stories that have surfaced since the game was released, it seems as though they’ve overstretched themselves somewhat. I hope the development company and the jobs of the individuals involved can be saved.

  3. Wow.
    Given how well and quickly LA Noire sold, I’m guessing that not much of the money found it’s way back to the developers…

  4. Perhaps they spent just a little too much getting the mouths just right.

  5. I think these employees would probably be happy to be offered employment elsewhere, with the way it apparently manages it’s staff. If they go bankrupt, it’s a development studio I don’t care about, so whatever :P

  6. LA Noire was a pile of crap (imo of course) but its still a shame to see yet another gaming company struggling

    • “Crap”?? Over rated MAYBE, but certainly not dung. I liked it…brilliant game.

  7. Well guys did you not know that the staff behind L.A Noire their names were not mentioned on the credits in the end game that they deserved! They were furious and I’m sure they said they demanded a pay rise or something else happpened o_0?
    The staff were already gone!?!?

    • Found it

      Over 100 developers are furious at being cut from the credits of L.A Noire, and 11 ex-staffers have complained about bullying and excessive hours. There’s also talk that Rockstar won’t publish Team Bondi’s next game.
      PSM3 Mag Issue 143

  8. It was my understanding that LA Noire was made to showcase the motion caption tech that the team bondi sister company developed. And they were really more interested in licensing out the motion caption tech instead of making games. Considering the problems Rockstar had with them… maybe this is for the best.

  9. It was suggested that this game went way over budget. Some people at Rockstar complained about working with them. The reviews for the game were mixed. It certainly didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. That is why I haven’t played it. Everyone says it is light on action and that some of the clues are ridiculous to find. Fantastic tech does not make a fantastic game.

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