Sony And LG Resolve Patent Dispute

Sony and LG have settled their patent argument. The legal action which was perhaps most noted back in March when a shipment of PlayStation 3s was seized in the Netherlands, has now been put to bed.

Both companies have dropped their suits against each other and LG have said that they have also signed a cross licensing deal with Sony. Sony have declined to make any comment but this surely refreshes LG’s Blu-ray rights deal.


Stock in LG rose by 1.3 percent, against the trends on their home market in Korea. Sony’s stock fell to a two-and-a-half year low in Japan, dropping by a further 2.7 percent, more than their home market’s average decline of 1.5 percent.

That would seem to indicate that investors feel the deal is better for LG than it is for Sony. As gamers, we’re just happy there’ll be no more PS3 seizures!

Source: Reuters Thanks, e8



  1. ok, now would apple please give google a kiss on the cheek? thanks :)

  2. Wait.. Sony have declined to comment?

    Not like them..

    • Haha!
      It’s definitely not like them! ;)

  3. i’m sure neither side would have benefited from a protracted legal battle over this and any countersuit by sony.
    better for both parties that they sorted things out this way.

  4. Sorted.

  5. I am glad that this is over. I wonder if they did it because they felt that they were dragging it out and were too late in suing them over a 5 year patent when they could have done it before the PS3 was released or if it was going to be too expensive for both sides?

    Anyway, as long as there are no shortages of PS3s as i may need to replace me before the year is out, i don’t care about their reasons.:D

    Also Peter, there is a mistake on the article. ;)

    • Yeah, the last thing Sony would need would be PS3 shortages just before Xmas. That would’ve been disastrous.
      Glasd it is sorted.

      • A good point, also my PS3 & LG tv can stop giving each other the evils.

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