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For a number of Fable fans there has been a bitter taste lingering ever since the launch of the third instalment. Marked down as the series’ low-point, Albion-goers were dealt another blow earlier this year with the reveal of Fable: The Journey, a Kinect-based action adventure which drew rather negative reactions after its E3 debut.

A return to glory is not completely out of the question however. In October’s edition of the Official Xbox Magazine it has been states that Fable IV is on the way, Lionhead making plans to launch the game in 2013. The mag reads: “Look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable IV in 2013 , says The Ball…”

Source: Loud Mouthed Gamers



  1. hopefully the series can get back to what made it great in the second game.
    fix the combat first of all, make it so spamming the attack button isn’t a more effective combat technique than timing your attacks.

    and if there’s going to be property ownership again, either don’t have the property need repairs, or let us hire set a value to be spent each game period for property repairs.

    and i’d like to know what happened to the previous heroes of albion.
    like the guy from the first game, and little sparrow from fable 2, even the princess, or prince, from fable 3.

    and what exactly does Theresa want with the spire anyway?

    if they can take the things that worked in fable 3, there were a few, and get rid of what didn’t, they could have a great game.

  2. Oh joy, they’re milking the Fable cow again.

    • Microsoft know how to milk sustainably so there is always some milk left when they want it :P

      • Cmoment of the day. Sustainable milking…..class in a glass, excuse the erm ahem pun…

  3. Ohhhh I don’t know if Lionhead should do this Fable 2 was the best game I’ve played but the 3rd was a huge let down and kinda destroyed it =(
    If they can make a great recovery with everything, well….. I don’t know really it seems the story/plot is all over the place =/

  4. Ive only played half of fable III and it seems quite fun so far, not a brilliant RPG but a fun action game, what’s meant to be so bad with it though compared to Fable II?

    • It was a carbon copy really, no new spells/weapons they were the same in the 2nd and the gameplay was a lot less than the 2nd. To sum it up nothing new or added into the 3rd just laziness is what Fable 3 is about.

  5. Leave the series to die and make something new instead.

  6. Fable+The Lost Chapters were brilliant, even if it wasn’t the hardcore-est of RPGs I liked it really much. After that it just went downhill.

    • Maybe they should just make a B&W 3. Hell I’d be ready to accept B&W1 with B&W2 graphics at this point.

  7. Fable 3 was a massive let down for me, just didn’t enjoy it as much as 2, but I’ll still look forward to a 4th Fable if it’s any good…

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