Butler’s Back, In New PS3 Ad Campaign

VP of our hearts Kevin Butler had us worried over the weekend after the fictional PlayStation mascot announced via Twitter that he was going to work for his uncle’s new firm, Economy Flooring. However, in a somewhat hilarious new ad campaign he’s made a comeback, “Long Live Play” replacing the PS3’s previous slogan, “It only does everything.”


Hopefully more KB ads are in the pipeline for Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and the many other brilliant titles Sony is launching towards the end of 2011.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. brilliant

  2. “you’re the boss of me” while looking at the photo a haha :)

  3. This guy gets on my man boobs.

  4. Love this, Kevin Butler is the best advertising campaign in the history of the universe.

  5. love it great ad

  6. Awesome. These should be aired here in Australia, I’m pretty sure they would go down really well.

  7. Ha ha, another brilliant one! I had never heard of KB (i.e. Jerry Lambert) before the playstation adverts but i’ve seen him cropping up all over the place since, most recently in Bad Teacher and he was also in Shameless US.

  8. Damn I need to get me some of that Tough Rug carpet from Economy Flooring, that looks amazing. KB can sell me anything…..

  9. Love it another funny and watchable ad from the playstation team.

  10. Welcome Back Home.

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