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Remember three years ago? I don’t, but I was still in university so I was, in all likelihood, drunk. At the very least I was probably so stressed I’ve tried to block out a good chunk of it. For those of you who do remember that time in the far flung past (look, I know it’s not that far flung, but let me have a little artistic license here) you might well remember Konami released a little game called Metal Gear Solid 4 (I’m also aware it wasn’t that little, just let it go).

Pointless mental meandering out of the way (it’s late alright? Just leave me be) lets look back through TSA’s archives and dig out what we thought of the game. This was very nearly our highest rated game of all time, with a concerted effort being made to score the game at infinity/10. Sadly that would be impossible, and also really screw up our grading system, so we had to settle on a 10/10. Were there words to go along with that score? There sure were:

Reviews like this are reserved for ordinary games. To review such a game as Metal Gear Solid 4 is like commissioning a blind man to share his opinion on a beautiful oil painting painted by a true artist, it just wouldn’t work. The nature of Metal Gear Solid 4 lifts it above such conventional ways of judgement. But alas, the nature of the industry makes it necessary for even such a game to be subjected to such an insulting judicial process. For you see, this game is available for purchase to all, even the lowest forms of humanity who should deservedly combust and be reduced to ashes in the divine presence of it.

Any game which has the phrase “divine presence” used in to describe its very existence is probably at least a little bit good, but we might have completely gone wide of the mark. If we have, now’s the time to let us know. Just head over to the forums and leave us your thoughts on the game. Whilst I’m not going to discount longer reviews, please remember that the aim is for short, snappy opinions. More than that I simply don’t have the time to wade through longer reviews, so if you want to have your opinion included in the verdict post try to keep it short.

Once you’ve written your review make sure you give it a score on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale. Remember, if you want your score and opinion included in Monday’s verdict post you need to have it done by Sunday afternoon, otherwise I’ll have written it and you’ll be left out in the cold.



  1. Metal Gear…?! Not sure if I’d do a review since I haven’t played it in two years, depends.

  2. I just didn’t have the patience for it. The story seemed excellent the GFX were great, everything I know was fantastic about it except me, I could do nothing more than get caught. Constantly. For more hard-core gamers I would say it’s a must to buy, but if you’re a bit shit avoid.

  3. Sweeet. Great choice.

  4. Great game, albeit a bit cut-scene heavy and slightly marred for me by having to install each chapter seperately – would be neat if they could patch in an option for a single install as PS3 hdd’s have grown in capacity since it launched. Possibly loses a point in retrospect due to not coming on-board with the arrival of trophies. Rumours of trophies still abound but we’ll see..

    • They said a few months ago, without a shadow of a doubt, that they would never put trophies in MGS4

      • I saw that too, or at least that they would not add trophies as the game was no longer a current project and the devs have moved on to other projects so it would take up too much time/resources. One retailer, possibly Best Buy has an exclusive on the ultimate collection, including a code to download MGS1 and it also includes MGS4 disk. I think that’s why the rumour started up again.

  5. Perfection in terms of story, gameplay, visuals and audio. Quite simply, my favourite game on the PS3.. and in my top 5 games of all time.

  6. I still play this game to completion multiple times a year.

    <3 MGS4.

  7. Great graphics, great cutscenes, great gameplay. I didn’t understand the whole story because I’m not really into the MGS series but it still seemed great. However, I wouldn’t go as far as you went with your review back then. It’s a great game but it’s not something that redefined gaming and judging from your review that seemed to be the case for you guys.

    • I know what you mean about the story not making sense.
      I played 4 before 3 as 3 totally passed me by for some reason (during that time I was wholly engrossed in making and playing music in various bands and gaming took a back seat..infact they were in the car behind me!)
      Having played through all four games recently, the story made so much more sense. Snake Eater is integral to the understanding of many parts of the story in 4. And it’s f*cking BEAUTIFUL for a PS2 game.

      I play MSG1 every year, atleast. But now I’m going to try and make an effort to play through the whole saga, regardless of where I am in the world.

      Buy all 4 games and play them :) They’re such wonderfully crafted games in a wonderfully crafted world.
      I’m only glad that Konami hasn’t totally massacred this franchise like they have with Silent Hill

      • I played and enjoyed MGS3 and was glad when I heared that it was actually some kind of prequel. But that was a long time before I got my hands on MGS4 so I only knew a few things. I might give the other games a go someday. I just don’t have the spare time to do it these days and there are so many other great games coming out… and I still have unfinished/untouched games laying around here.

  8. The story, graphics and mechanics were next to perfection in my opinion, in fact I think MGS4 can give some of today’s games a run for their money graphically. Install times were a drag breaking up immersion, but the game runs perfectly. Cut-scene heavy but all MGS games are. The reused locations were both amazing and a little tired. Overall I’d agree with a 10, but Subsistance is still the best in the series for me.

  9. It was a brilliant game, the graphics where great and the best thing the gameplay was awesome. I cringe at every comment that deems MGS4 as a movie. Its ridculous, so what if the cutscenes were long? you can spend hours trying to get past the guards in the same area and fail? I would always try a differnent weapon to see what they do. It wasn’t frustrating unlike other games.

  10. Buy it, easily in top 5 of PS3 games and i would put money on it staying there til the ps4.

    The story can be heavy going but it’s that type of game, and being the last (chronologically) in a great series it had to answer the remaining questions

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