Spike TV Running Uncharted 3 Reality Show

Uncharted fans who reside in the United States will have the chance to prove their love for Naughty Dog’s flagship series in a one-off reality show produced by Spike TV. Casting is already underway and is open to anyone over the age of 21, the process requiring wanabee treasure hunters to fill out a form which includes several Uncharted-related questions.

Details on the show itself are slim though we do know contestants will take part in challenges both in-game and in real life, the winner taking home a grotto of Uncharted 3 swag.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. That’s pretty cool, rare is the reality show I even consider watching.

  2. Sounds cool. If it gets shown in the UK then i may have a look at it

  3. So what’s the challenge?
    Prove you have the strongest, stickiest fingertips in the world?
    Kill 1000 mercenaries?

  4. Interesting.

  5. Sound like a laugh. Hope it gets put on the US PSN like The Tester, so I can download it.

  6. It’ll just be an obstacle course won’t it? Sounds fun though

  7. fancy watching this maybe a takeshi castle style finish??

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