New Trailer for Ni no Kuni

A new trailer for Ni no Kuni has been released, just to tease those of us who either don’t live in Japan, or can’t read Japanese. This game needs to see a release over here, or I’ll…feed Peter to the Rancor!

Don’t push me; I’m a donkey on the edge!

Source: Level 5



  1. Looks awesome!

    • Does doesnt it, the Japanese make awesome games :)

  2. Each little morsel of news or footage makes me want it more!

  3. Amazing. I hope this comes to the EU or NA some day.

  4. *drools*

    Damn you, Ghibli, can you do no wrong?

    Looks really well done so far, lets hope it plays as good as it looks.

  5. So, uh, who speaks Japanese?
    Get typing! (in English, please)

  6. “Still looks amazing” ?

    i don’t think so! it never looked THAT amazing yet :-D

  7. Yep, still looks amazing. Any justification yet on that price tag?

    • “Any justification yet on that price tag?”

      How about the game itself? :P

      I agree. It looks great. Any info on how long the game is?

      • 8,800 yen = £71, €81 or $115. For a standalone game, that’s pretty steep. But I still want it :)

      • EH?! That price? Is that real? That’s mental? Looks good, but not that bloody good.

      • I’d rather wait to see if its around 40 odds or better an English version, I hope they do that

  8. … Amazing! There’s simply on other game, released or not, that looks this gorgeous and peaceful, need to play this.

  9. I need it!

  10. Had to go and torture myself by looking at the Video, anyone know any good import companies and how I can learn Japanese in a few weeks!

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