Shinobi 3DS Gets New Gameplay Footage

Some new footage for 3DS ninja-fest, Shinobi, has been released. We went hands on with the game back in July, and noted that whilst the graphics seemed a bit sub-par, the Shinobi gameplay we all love seems to remain intact.

Source: YouTube



  1. Who else had the original on the Mega Drive?

  2. This actually looks pretty good.

    And can be played with just one stick. Mwuahhahah.

  3. I can’t help but feel Shinobi would actually improve if it was done as a 3D engine game, rather than a side-scroller…

    • The PS2 game was quite fun (never bought it but was hyped, by the demo), I hope they build on that than the horror of Nightshade.

      • I also fell in love with that demo, then didn’t buy the full game. I suppose the odds of it getting a re-release are pretty slim, I might ebay it.

        Back on topic, is this a port for 3DS or a new game?
        If it’s a port I’m jealous.

  4. best reason ive seen to get a 3DS

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