Sony Confirms A Tokyo Games Show Press Date

This is hardly news, Sony not talking to the press in a meaningful way at the Tokyo Games Show would be news. This is more one of those confirmations of something that’s a little bit interesting.

The Japanese giant has confirmed the date for its press conference from Tokyo’s huge festival of gaming. They’ll be going out in front of press and enthusiasts on September 14th, with the time yet to be confirmed.


That means they take to the stage a day after Nintendo’s keynote and with the Vita preparing to bring the fight to that company’s handheld dominance, it could be a very interesting show this year.

The event will be live streamed over the internet for anyone that wants to see Sony speak to press in Japanese and show off all those Vita games they’ve pre-announced.

Source: VG247



  1. I hope it’s not all Vita. Hopefully there will be some new PS3 stuff.
    (i think there is ‘3’ new PS3 games they are going to show) :P

  2. Vita vita vita, iwould take a look if its gonna be on home but I am a bit bored with ps vita already

  3. I love watching gaming conferences, regardless of how much new content will be shown.

    really i just like seeing the game from the companies point of view.

  4. Don’t speak Japanese, so wont watch it live, very interested in what will be happening though..

  5. I wouldn’t mind some information on the 3G aspect of the vita, if it will be on contract or not, and of course a release date :P
    All in all I’m looking forward to what should be an interesting conference… Even if it is Japanesse

    • And what features will be 3G only. Like Near, will that work on wifi-models?

      I’m expecting TSA will have us covered with their translating skills.

  6. Go Sony

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