Game & Give on October 1st with Xbox Live

It has been announced that on October 1st Xbox 360 gamers can help raise money for charity. The community event, which is going by the name Gaming and Giving for Good (or G3), is to help benefit the charity Extra Life. They raise money through gamers who get friends and family to sponsor them to game.

All proceeds raised go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Also, if you register to take part then you’ll get free Xbox Live Gold membership for the duration of G3.


G3 lasts from 8am October 1st to 8am October 2nd. This timing relates to all time zones. If you want to register and learn more about G3  head here.

If you want to learn more about what Extra Life does then go here.

If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer and you were going to game anyway, you might as well register.

Source: Major Nelson’s Blog



  1. Awesome! if I had a 360 I would participate. Use it as a warm up for Extra-Life proper.

    Speaking of Extra-Life, might as well pimp this:

    Donations more than welcome! :)

    • If I had a 360 I would also take part though I will sponsor some people anyway.

  2. What do you mean game and give? Isn’t it just sponsorship, where’s the “game” part?

    • Sorry it just all sounds rather confusing.

      • Says it in the first paragraph…

        “They raise money through gamers who get friends and family to sponsor them to game.”

      • No need to apologise. The G3 website explains it quite simply.

        1. Register and create a fundraising page
        2. Get friends and family to sponsor you for every hour you play.
        3. Play for the hours you promised on the day.

      • Ah, cool. Thanks!

  3. MS should do this, but also give $0.01 to charity for every kill on CoD/Halo/whatever is bigger on 360, on a day. That would be epic..

    One day of gold is a bit shit isn’t it? still free though..

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