Catherine Delayed Until 2012

No sheep for you, UK.

Bizarre puzzle game, Catherine, has been delayed in the UK until Q1 2012. No specific date has been given, so those wishing to look at sheep and naked ladies are bound to be disappointed (Check the Internet – Dan).

Isaac reviewed the game when it launched in the U.S. back in August, giving it a seductive 9/10. “A unique game like Catherine only comes along every so often”, he said.

Source: MCV


  1. I still haven’t checked out what the game is about. I saw it in the shops over here in Norway.

    • And here I went out and imported it from the US… Never noticed it in stores.
      Wouldn’t say I regret it though, got it for what I’d imagine to be nearly half the price of what you’d expect to see in stores here in Norway.

      And the game is great, by the way ;)

  2. ..Well now I really don’t regret importing it! I think if they leave it too long, everyone will just forget about it really..;;

  3. I guess this was fairly inevitable… They set up the PAL side of things pretty late, and it’s a fairly niche title, so holding it back until after Christmas is actually quite smart since it will prevent it being swallowed up in amongst the huge titles coming out in quarter 4.

  4. Gutted and glad about this in equal measure. Really really want to play this game but not sure I would find time this year to do so. The only thing holding me back from importing it is that it has ‘rental’ written all over it by the looks of things.

  5. Sheep. Naked lady. Yes, please.

    • Lol, the sheep are the only things making me doubt the game but to each his own!

  6. Shame. But it does free up limited resources!! I was looking to import this but the urge has died down

  7. This game just looks too mental to handle..

    • I think thats why its attracting alot of peoples attention about it, the whole “that looks mental i have to try it”. Well it does for me, as isaac said in his review “A unique game like Catherine only comes along every so often”.

  8. Dammit. Now I wish I imported it. You would think they would want to be quick about it before all the buzz has moved on and the game been forgotten.

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