Rumour: Resident Evil 6 Getting A TGS Reveal

Apparently Resident Evil 6 is going to be one of Tokyo Game Show’s big surprises. EGM are quoting an insider source that says the game will get a TGS reveal. The insider goes on to say:

“This will be, by far, the most gruesome Resident Evil game to date. A real emphasis is being placed on making the game brutally scary.”

Capcom is keeping its mouth shut over any Resident Evil 6 news. A few months ago an apparent screenshot for Resident Evil 6 was leaked (below) with the date 15/09/2011.

The date, 15th September 2011, corresponds with the opening day of the Tokyo Game Show.

Source: EGM



  1. Can’t wait till tomorrow!! Hopefully we will see some more psv games too.

  2. Bring on tomorrow, I’m really intrigued about RE6 and the direction it’s going in. It’s apparent that their current action-adventure style is not really working for them anymore and with the recent re-interest in horror, here’s hoping for the first RE since Zer0 to do horror properly.

  3. “Brutally scary”? Could this be a return to the horror roots of the franchise? RE 1/2 style with the RE4/5 mechanics (or better, but I’m being realistic) sounds good to me.

    • I think they’ll ditch those mechanics, or they will if they’re smart, they got a lot of negative comments in RE5, they’d just be a joke today.

      • Well R5 was their best selling Resident evil game.

      • And yet they’re saying the next one will be very different, even a reboot.

      • RE4 was the best game I’ve ever played- if they could add scares to that, I’d be VERY happy.

      • The problem is Resident evil 5 was released in 2003, that’s 8 years and an entire console generation ago. Gamers expect more now and repeating the same tired formula is what got Capcom in trouble with the Resident Evil series in the first place. RE5 may have been the best selling one in the series, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it garnered negative reviews because in a 2008 game, you couldn’t move and shoot at the same time. It just wouldn’t fly in 2012/13.

    • The mechanics were an important part of the scare.

      If you can just run & gun at the same time, those zombies won’t be that scary.

      • Exactly, a game isn’t as scary as much as it is annoying when you’re surrounded by 6 zombies, ganados or whatever they’re called in the next game, when you know it’s fault of the mechanics.

      • I thought 4 and 5 were more stressful and annoying

      • …than scary, which is not good. I couldn’t bother finish any of them.

  4. hmmmmm interesting! looking forward to this announcement… =)

  5. Hopefully they manage to combine the scares of 0,1,2 and 3 with the co-op play from 5. As un-scary as Resi 5 was, it still remains one of my favourites as it as a blast to play it through with my other half

  6. That image seems a bit strange as it’s called Biohazard in Japan

    • That picture wasn’t taken at TGS. Remember seeing it around E3.

  7. If you want “brutally scary” in a game get ‘Dead Space’ :P

    + Making it PS3 only would get me back interested in RE games again. The last game looked horrible :-/

    • I thought the game looked quite sexy, its Capcom and well it looked great. Many look nice, great visuals.

      make it exclusive? that’s silly if you really think about it, its leaving out other people, how about Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS only so far, PlayStation fans are left out? so wishing for an exclusive is wasteful, what do you do? its how the industry works today.

  8. If it is just like 5 i will ignore it as 5 is not a Resi game. It’s more of a Action screw the horror oh wait it’s a resi game so insert some character, put chris on steroids and add loads of annoying Quick time events.

    But if it returns to it’s survival horror roots with an option that allows the classic controls and style or the current one i will be interested in it.

    • Yes to Resi 5 being very different, but for me it was the update the series needed, loved it apart from being too easy most of the time.


  10. Cannot wait if this is true! :)
    *little bit of wee comes out*

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