inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood Dated

Sony has slapped a date on the intriguing looking inFAMOUS 2 add-on, Festival of Blood. You can expect it on the US PSN on October 25th and the UK on October 26th.

Also announced was the fact that both inFAMOUS 2 and Festival of Blood will be playable with Move.

Source: Sony



  1. I’m yet to finish inFamous 2. Keep meaning to get back to it. Can’t really imagine playing it with Move though.

    • It has a great ending for both Good and Evil highly reccomend going back to it.

      • Cool. I will do thanks. May even make me try it with move :) Think I have only used my Move maybe 3 times.

      • The Move is just for the editor though?

  2. ooh, I may well give infamous2 a go now its compatible with my expensively pointless and redundant controller. wasn’t going to bother with it as i didn’t like the first but since they’ve brought move in…

  3. Looking forward to the DLC :D

    Move support? … Meh

  4. Completed it both ways. What a game! I’ll be getting this fo sho….

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