New Dragon Age II Story DLC Coming Next Month

BioWare has announced more story based DLC for Dragon Age II. This new pack is called ‘Mark of the Assassin’, and the story sees you try to steal a jewel called the “Heart of the Many”.

It also stars Felicia Day who, if you remember, has been involved in making the live-action Dragon Age series, Redemption. Expect the DLC on October 11 for PS3, 360 and PC.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. at the meagre price of £479.99, just like the origins dlc :-)

  2. I did quite enjoy this game, but I’m not buying any dlc for this. I would rather just wait for the inevitable ultimate edition which will probably work out cheaper, and I have two copies of Origins (collectors and ultimate) so having two copies of DAII is pretty fitting.

  3. Why do i get the feeling that this was originally going to be in the game and take place between Acts 1 & 2? I will wait for the GOTY( i use that very loosely as it imo doesn’t quaifly as one, but it is still a good game)or complete edition as i don’t love it enough to get the DLC like i did with origins. There are rumours going around that DA:redemption may have been canned.

    If the DLC is like Legacy(which i have heard brings back the goodness and humour of Origins) then i can see us DAO fans being happy. I wonder if we will see any camoes from any Origins characters? It would be nice to see everyone’s favorite alcholic Dwarf make a camoe. :D As long as there is a reason for that charater to show up and not for fan service. Hopefully, it will be Grey Warden free as they have no reason to be in this unless there is a massive Darkspawn group.

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