First Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Gameplay Video Arrives

Get hyped people; the greatest ever gaming crossover has its first gameplay trailer.

The video unveils the game’s wonderful visual style, courtroom proceedings and a whole host of new characters such as rival prosecutor Jeekan. Any doubts that Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright wouldn’t be able to make the jump to 3D have been cast aside as it looks absolutely GORGEOUS.

Now let’s just hope it gets released outside of Japan. Pretty please Capcom and Level-5 ?

Source: Youtube


  1. If this doesnt get released in the UK, im moving to japan with my 3DS.

  2. The Hell..?

  3. Awe I really wanted to get Act Attoney for the 3DS, but its been really hard….legally and of course of Prof Layton, love Level 5 <3

  4. Ace attorney is just awesome fun to listen to my sister playing. OBJECTION!!!

  5. I got Ace Attorney on the iphone. Brilliant game. 59p :-)

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