Western PS Vita Release Date Is “Bogus”

Earlier this evening a number of sites reported that the PlayStation Blog had ‘accidentally’ published the PlayStation Vita release date for the US, before quickly removing it.

We didn’t report on the story as we couldn’t find any proof for ourselves that the post was made, and the wording of the press release that was circulating afterwards certainly seemed a little odd, with some strange capitalisation.


It looks like holding off might have been the right decision, as Sid Shuman from the PlayStation Blog has apparently stated that the posting was ‘bogus’.

“Hi guys, this is Sid from the PlayStation.Blog,” says the post on NeoGAF. “This story is bogus, a complete fabrication. If we had accidentally published something on the Blog, you’d see it in the RSS feed.”

“When there’s a final North American release date, you can be sure we’ll share it on the Blog with the quickness.”

We still can’t verify for sure what happened, but hopefully we’ll get a date either way soon enough.  Vita is slated for a 17th December release in Japan.



  1. Still a little confused as to why they haven’t rushed for a pre christmas release here, might be a little too late for that now though, maybe, I think? Would boost sales hugely if it was out by christmas though surely..

    • It’s over 4 months since the earthquake/tsunami and Japan is still suffering from enforced power cuts as electricity is in short supply. So I doubt all the factories, offices etc. are working at full capacity.

      • It’s made in China though. Not Japan.

    • If they could have it out for the holidays outside of Japan, they would.

      They’re rushing as it is, and that’s just to make the Japan date.

      • Fair enough, figured they’d be in a bit of a rush, didn’t quite think it’d be that much. Forgot about the repercussions of the disasters too.. Silly me. :/

  2. I can wait, plenty of time for more games to be added to the launch roster.

  3. What was the false release date then?

  4. Can’t wait for it.

  5. Better late and good than soon and crap ;)

  6. Pfft nevermind the west? What about Great Britain and Wild Europe?

  7. christmas will be over and i’ll have more cash to spend on memory cards,batteries and games so feb or march suits me fine.

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